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#StoriesThatTouch: Life is Egusi Soup Inside Ice Cream Container

As narrated to Stanley G. Jack, by Chijioke Onyemjoro Patrick Life is not always what it seems. While depending on your certificate/degree is sheer waste of your time, it is advisable for you to work hard and strive to add value, first to yourself and then to any organization within which you manage to find yourself in. After graduation from the University of Port Harcourt in 2009/2010 I served (National Youth Service Corps) in Osun state and passed out in October, 2011. I was unemployed for the whole of 2012. Then in 2013,

The cry of the younger generation for solutions

YOUTH RESTIVENESS; terrorist attacks – all by relatively smart, able bodied young people. Why is so much evil committed by young people in the world today? What are their problems? What internal or external issues are they struggling with? What are they trying to prove? What specific solutions are they searching for? The answers would be as many as the global youth population. The truth of the matter is that governments and politicians in the world have proven that they are either incapable of providing solutions or they are just insincere. So that instead of any respite, youth global youth restiveness continues in its rise. A close look at the people involved in killings, riots and protests, you will see that they are all angry youths who believe that they are fighting for their future. How did they come to imbibe such mindset?

How to solve the problem of unemployment

Finally! Here it is, the single most effective and complete solution. I will give it to you straight: fire all the teachers; send every student back home to their parents; close down every school in every country. In short, do away entirely with the current education system. Now, I know what you are thinking – what kind of solution is this and how will this drastic impossible idea actually going to solve the world’s unemployment problems? Relax, that’s what I intend to tell you in this short article. Short, yes, today is not a day for long stories.

No Vacancy! You are fired!

Shell, Chevron, Dealdey, iROKOTV…what do they all have in common? They are sacking people like pure water these days. Tuesday, yesterday, Noel woke up to his normal morning routine, of kissing his wife ‘good morning,’ hurriedly taking his bath, kissing his lovely wife ‘good bye’ and rushing out of his house in order to beat the morning rush hour traffic. By noon, he was already back home from work. That was unusual considering that when he leaves the house, Noel usually doesn’t return until 6 or after 6:30PM.