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If everybody in Nigeria joins Popular MMM Programme, will it crash?

There are more than 150 million Nigerians according to last census. Currently, participants in MMM programme world-wide is about 200 million. So, to answer the question ‘If everybody in Nigeria joins Popular MMM Programme, will it crash?’. NO, it will not crash, but on one condition. The condition is that they will continually donate their spare money and leave the rest to MMM algorithm to handle and balance every other thing. The purpose of this article is to explain that MMM program can be sustainable and will not crash even if everybody in Nigeria joins.

5 Reasons Why you should Buy and Repair your gadgets at Garrison in Port Harcourt

It’s the Valentine season and you may be looking for where in Port Harcourt to buy that new Android phone everyone is talking about for the most affordable rates, or your laptop has recently started developing some software faults and you are wondering where to repair it in Port Harcourt without having to worry about bad service. Garrison junction on Aba road in Port Harcourt is the best bet for your purchase and repair of gadgets of all types and sizes in Port Harcourt, and this post tells you why.