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Please Do Not Rape Me!

Rape happens to be a very touchy subject in this part of the world. Different people with different opinions. Some very unbelievable, some just outright bizarre! I saw a tweet the other day, that if a 50 years old man chose to rape a 13 years old girl, it’s because there are loose women everywhere and he must have had no choice than to go for a girl whose vagina was still be fresh and tight … and then the tweet ended with “This is my opinion, let it be.” I felt

6 Pleasing Facts About The Vagina

Through the years, different names have been coined for the ladybits; vagina. I bet you and your friends even have a cool nickname for it. I saw this movie once, I bet most of you have too. ‘OITNB’ where a group of female friends didn’t know they had two ‘holes’ down there … that’s apart from the anal hole. They didn’t know that the p

5 weird things you shouldn’t be doing while having sex

Sex is a pleasurable experience that everyone ought to have – when of age and with the right partners of course. However, just like with practically everything on Earth, there is the right way to go about it and the really messed up way that can ruin everything and cause World War 3. We scoured the internet and interviewed dozens of people and came up with 5 things you really should not be doing if you want to have the best sexual experience with your partner.