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How to avoid getting stuck in Port Harcourt traffic

Port Harcourt like any other metropolitan city in the world has many vehicles plying the road, leading to heavy traffic on the roads. Port Harcourt residents decry traffic congestion and can attribute it to many factors. Are you living or plan visiting Port Harcourt someday and you are wondering how to avoid getting stuck in traffic, here is information you need to know.

Where you can buy quality and affordable clothes in Port Harcourt

Dress how you want to be addressed it is true, but you should also know that it is not the dress who makes the wearer, but the wearer themselves. Are you looking for where to buy quality clothes in Port Harcourt that would represent you to your friends and colleagues whenever you go out without squeezing your wallet too tight? This post lists some of the places in Port Harcourt where you can buy the best clothes.