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5 things Port Harcourt women love about their Pitakwa men

Ask someone to name the different kinds of things men love about women and it is usually easy to run through at least 25, the big question however is what do women like and more importantly, what do Port Harcourt women like about their men. After extensive study and interviews of up to 50 women, we finally have the Top 5 things Port Harcourt women love about their Pitakwa men.

Native Soup: The Pitakwa delicacy

If you have ever spent a night in Pitakwa – as we call Port Harcourt – and you have not tasted the awesomeness of native soup, you did not really stay in Pitakwa. Native soup is a prime delicacy of Port Harcourt residents and a large percentage of the population – including yours truly – positively swears by the soup. Step into any eatery worth its salt in Port Harcourt and order Native soup and you will instantly find yourself welcomed as a brother or sister, even as the server sets before you a steaming bowl of such magnificence you may forget to wash your hands before you dig in. See what I am saying? This post outlines some of the ingredients used in making Native soup and one of the best recipes you can use to make your own native soup.

Top 5 restaurants in Port Harcourt

Are you in Port Harcourt and do you love eating or do you love eating great food? Food is one of the basic necessities for human growth and vitality, but it is not enough to simply consume food. You should eat good food and one of the best places to eat good food is in a quality restaurant. There are a bunch of really great restaurants in Port Harcourt, but after extensive research we have come up with the very best restaurants in the Oil city of Pitakwa that are bound to excite you and keep you coming back for more every single time.