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When Is The Right Time To Break A Relationship And Why?

There was this story on my timeline (Twitter) the other day; so this lady had been dating a guy for 14 years and last Christmas he broke up with her and got engaged to another lady. (As a girl) I was furious. I blabbed about how wicked men were. But then one of my Twitter followers kept saying the lady should also share some of the blame for being treated that way. So let’s analyze this

I Love My Life

A few days ago I stumbled upon a hilarious and subtly informative article written by Timi Tralagba, on As I read it, I laughed so hard that I thought it would be so uncool (I am a nice person) not to share it with you readers of Here it is, for your enjoyment. But don’t laugh too hard O. … Many of us are always angry. Life can be very challenging but this is not the place to be angry. This is not a census for angry people. On Monday morning this week, I called my wife, my sugar baby from the office and promised her 2014 Ford Edge and Sports car.