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Signs That You May Have Commitment Isuues And How To Overcome It

Nobody wants to end up alone and lonely. I was complaining to my psychologist friend the other day that I needed therapy because I felt something was wrong with my relationships, he offered to talk to me for a while and after about an hour, he came to the conclusion that I had ‘commitment issues.’ My first thoughts were, ‘Me? Commitment issues ke, in this Nigeria?’

How I Got My Heart Broken By A Guy I Never Really Dated

It’s true that we all get to experience the unavoidable wrenching pains of heartbreak – at least once in our lifetime. Whether it’s your favorite pet, your siblings, uncle, parents, friend, favorite shoes (yeah I said shoes) or outfit, something – someone will make your heart squeeze painfully tight , contracting hundred times within few seconds and swelling up immediately so much that you think it will burst out of your chest only for it to contract again a couple hundred times more. Okay, maybe there’s a bit of exaggeration somewhere but that explains just how I felt when this “almost-boyfriend” of mine broke my heart.

Dealing With An Abusive Relationship

How do you deal with an abusive relationship? How do you help a friend come out of one? Let me share a few thoughts with you that you might find helpful. My very good friend stayed in an abusive relationship for close to 3 years.It was crazy. I watched first hand what it turned her into and believe me it wasn’t pretty. For years this guy made my friend his puppet. My friend did everything he wanted, she cooked, cleaned and supported him financially and still endured physical and verbal abuse amongst other forms of embarrassment. By the time that relationship ended it had