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Books contain the money you are looking for

What book did you read last month? What title are you reading right now? Books contain wealth of resources – mind blowing ideas, knowledge and resources you need for life and business. For every challenge you could ever be facing, there is the answer in a book somewhere in the world. Why? Because nothing is new on earth; your situation may have been faced by someone else and documented in a book so that others can learn and not repeat the same mistakes. But will you find that book that stores the answers to your questions? That is the big question. Ride with me, let me explain how books have the money and the answers that you are looking for.

5 Top Principles for Growth

Are you running a business and want to move to the next level? Whatever you do, growth is a necessity but, it does not happen by chance. Growth is intentional. Make no mistake about it. Growth is a result of the good understanding and application of revealed principles and means of success, already practiced by others. You can grow in anything you are doing. If you find yourself not experiencing growth in your work, business or life, check your application or strategies. Whatever is of value and of benefit to people does not fail. The principles of growth are:

Money is beyond physical Cash

Have you closely looked at the meaning of money? You have to take your time and look at the meaning of this most important word called Money. A common answer to meaning of money is what one uses to buy things and enjoy life. This is a vague answer. And this explains why some people are broke and steal other people’s money. People spend their whole life on earth working for money without knowing its meaning and what it actually stands for. Let’s look at the dictionary meaning of Money. Money is defined in many ways but let’s take this meaning.  Money means current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. We can re-define money as current medium of exchange in form of products and services and no more coins and bank notes. Money is a medium of exchange. Money is not cash; it is a medium of exchange of values, and therefore a medium of exchange which can be used for the payment for goods and services. The stand out word …