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I Love My Life

A few days ago I stumbled upon a hilarious and subtly informative article written by Timi Tralagba, on As I read it, I laughed so hard that I thought it would be so uncool (I am a nice person) not to share it with you readers of Here it is, for your enjoyment. But don’t laugh too hard O. … Many of us are always angry. Life can be very challenging but this is not the place to be angry. This is not a census for angry people. On Monday morning this week, I called my wife, my sugar baby from the office and promised her 2014 Ford Edge and Sports car.

Where does money come from?

Where does money come from? Money is one of the most important subjects in the world, a subject that no one teaches you in school. Kenechi “Ifekentus” Nwoguguwu, explores the relationship between numbers and wealth. Enjoy. leave a comment. So he called ten of his servants delivered to them ten minas and said to them, Do business till I come. Luke 19:13 ( NJKV). Where does money come from? Does money come from jobs and businesses? Do we have to depend or trust on our jobs or business for money? That salary or that profit that you receive is it enough for the work and things you want to do? These questions and many others have always been on my mind and I have been seeking answers to solve human needs in this regard. Businesses and jobs that we do are good. We benefit immensely from them to solve some of our needs. We will continue to do businesses and jobs to better our lives. This is an instruction from God.