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9 Top Reasons Why Avocados Should Be Your Best Friend

Also called alligator pear (because of the shape and texture) this small green, brown or black fruit is filled with wonder. (I called mangoes the superman of fruits well, avocados are the Black Panthers). At the mention of Avocado, you hear a lot of ‘eww’ or ‘gross’. I’ll forgive all those avocado hating people because I’ll like to believe they don’t know what avocado can do for them. By the time I’m done giving you reasons, I bet you’d plant an avocado tree and

Want To Lose Some Weight and Stay Healthy? Try These 8 Diets and See – @Lord__Nina

Losing weight can be very tasking, especially when you’re lazy or you love food too much. For those who absolutely hate exercise and are constantly looking for easy ways to shed all those fat, you can start dieting, now some of these things work pretty well but unfortunately are not long term, so if you want a long term solution to your fat, be very ready to completely turn your lifestyle upside down and start thinking of exercises, it’s really one of the only safe way to lose weight.

4 Very Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Is it just me or have mosquitoes become fatter and more troublesome? They seem to be immortal these days. I really hope it’s just me. As Nigerians, mosquitoes are not new to us, we are constantly battling with these destructive little devils that won’t let you sleep. As if that isn’t enough they give malaria too. People with sensitive skin like me suffer most from mosquito bites, because once we scratch it starts rising and often leaves a black mark. So for people allergic to mosquito bites,

The Wonderful Benefits of Eating Mangoes

Yaaay it’s Mango season. One of my best fruits seasons. I was talking to a friend the other day and he goes ‘ I don’t really like mangoes.’ I was momentarily stunned; is it even possible that some people do not like mangoes? I mean, mangoes, one of the juiciest, most delicious fruits in Nigeria and you tell me you don’t like them? Well, I’m here to give you reasons (more than 5 reasons) to absolutely adore mangoes like I do.