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How I Got My Heart Broken By A Guy I Never Really Dated

It’s true that we all get to experience the unavoidable wrenching pains of heartbreak – at least once in our lifetime. Whether it’s your favorite pet, your siblings, uncle, parents, friend, favorite shoes (yeah I said shoes) or outfit, something – someone will make your heart squeeze painfully tight , contracting hundred times within few seconds and swelling up immediately so much that you think it will burst out of your chest only for it to contract again a couple hundred times more. Okay, maybe there’s a bit of exaggeration somewhere but that explains just how I felt when this “almost-boyfriend” of mine broke my heart.

Girls: This is how you treat your boyfriend

Good men are hard to find; it’s hard to meet a man who is everything that you want and more. They are hard to find but they exist, so my advice to the lucky ladies in a healthy relationship filled with love? Keep your man. For those not in relationships yet, don’t worry, you’ll find a good guy soon. Anyways back to today’s topic; and this goes out to all the ladies out there. This is how to treat your boyfriend.