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How get investors to finance my business?

Do you have a good business idea and need finance? Do you have existing business and you need to move your business to next level? While financing is very important there is need to remember also that business success hinges on meeting peoples’ needs. Many would-be entrepreneurs think that the reason they are yet to start their own business is because of lack of financing. The good news is that financing is no longer a problem. Let me explain. From an article written by INC. staff titled Ten Ways to Finance Your Business, were listed a few ways to finance your business like Getting a Loan, Using a Credit Card, Crowd Financing, Raising Money from Family and Friends, etc. Out there are some other fantastic articles on financing like 14 Creative Financing Methods for Startups by Nicole Fallon Taylor.  These are good ideas. Let me however, add new angle to financing your business made easy I learned from a good friend.

How to solve the problem of unemployment

Finally! Here it is, the single most effective and complete solution. I will give it to you straight: fire all the teachers; send every student back home to their parents; close down every school in every country. In short, do away entirely with the current education system. Now, I know what you are thinking – what kind of solution is this and how will this drastic impossible idea actually going to solve the world’s unemployment problems? Relax, that’s what I intend to tell you in this short article. Short, yes, today is not a day for long stories.

Can Muhammadu Buhari Change your life?

These are troubled times in Nigeria; I swear! Terrible things are happening everywhere, everyday. War in the North East; fear of the Niger Delta militants rising up again and blowing up pipelines and oil facilities then crumbling the economy further is palpable amongst the Presidency; and the organization of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) is suddenly raging in the South-East. The economy is in a dire funk – evil statistics and reports are flying up and down with no one really sure the extent of damage or what’s going to happen next. When you turn on the television or peruse the newspaper front pages, you are bombarded on every side with all manner of headlines that inspire only fear and despair.

No Vacancy! You are fired!

Shell, Chevron, Dealdey, iROKOTV…what do they all have in common? They are sacking people like pure water these days. Tuesday, yesterday, Noel woke up to his normal morning routine, of kissing his wife ‘good morning,’ hurriedly taking his bath, kissing his lovely wife ‘good bye’ and rushing out of his house in order to beat the morning rush hour traffic. By noon, he was already back home from work. That was unusual considering that when he leaves the house, Noel usually doesn’t return until 6 or after 6:30PM.