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The Miseducation of Nigerians

It is never enough to focus on the construction of physical infrastructure alone. Social re-engineering, which consists of the building of values, like patience, kindness, love and unity, is just as important for the sustenance of democracy. When I was an eight year old child in the Staff School, University of Ibadan, I was taught that there are two types of education: formal and informal. While formal is obtained through schools, informal is acquired passively through society and family. Both types are important for the formation of a complete person. I grew up on a world-class education system, acquired entirely in Nigeria. In the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, getting educated in Nigeria made you as good or better than anyone anywhere in the world. The standards were serious. However, I’m beginning to think I was lucky, because today, education in Nigeria is a farce.

How to solve the problem of unemployment

Finally! Here it is, the single most effective and complete solution. I will give it to you straight: fire all the teachers; send every student back home to their parents; close down every school in every country. In short, do away entirely with the current education system. Now, I know what you are thinking – what kind of solution is this and how will this drastic impossible idea actually going to solve the world’s unemployment problems? Relax, that’s what I intend to tell you in this short article. Short, yes, today is not a day for long stories.

What do you know and what can you do?

Nigeria’s unemployment rate jumped to 7.5 per cent in the first quarter of the year (Q1 2015) according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). There were a total of 17.7 million people between ages 15 and 65 either unemployed or underemployed in the labour force in Q1 2015 ( THISDAY). With 17.7 million Nigerians not gainful employed, you have 17.7 million tools anybody to use wrongly or rightly.