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5 Things to do to increase your productivity in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is a very exciting place, and it is not surprise that there are many things to do that will take up huge chunks of your time. If you are not mindful, you may end up achieving nothing at the end of the day. Is it traffic? Huge piles of work waiting for you at the office? Chores and other home work and assignments with the kids? Or that pressing need to go out with some friends and have some fun? This post shares some tips that will help you to increase your productivity everyday. Productivity here means achieving larger output with lower input of resources.

How to make friends in 6 easy Steps

For some of us, making friends is a God given talent. For others, ehh… not their thing. Knowing how to say hi and be friendly to people can get you a lot of things believe it or not. I know how many favors I’ve received because I walked straight up to a girl and said “OMG your skin is flawless, be my friend”. Most times the people are too shocked at my boldness that they like me right back. And that’s the thing, everyone one likes a little compliment and if you’re confident, that’s a major plus. It’s really hard for Nigerians to pay compliments to strangers have you noticed? So if you want to make someone your friend, go and learn how to pay compliments. There’s really nothing to it, the person will definitely smile and pay you one right back, but if he/she is rude enough to snub you, well then, I bet she knew you lied about her hair you said was gorgeous. Okay, so these are 6 easy steps to make …