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How I Got My Heart Broken By A Guy I Never Really Dated

It’s true that we all get to experience the unavoidable wrenching pains of heartbreak – at least once in our lifetime. Whether it’s your favorite pet, your siblings, uncle, parents, friend, favorite shoes (yeah I said shoes) or outfit, something – someone will make your heart squeeze painfully tight , contracting hundred times within few seconds and swelling up immediately so much that you think it will burst out of your chest only for it to contract again a couple hundred times more. Okay, maybe there’s a bit of exaggeration somewhere but that explains just how I felt when this “almost-boyfriend” of mine broke my heart.

Dealing With Love In The Workplace

The truth of the matter is that a day has 24 hours. And apart from sleeping…the next place an individual spends more time at is the work place. Which means that there is a serious probability that if you are single you might end up mingling in the office. And you might be lucky enough to find love there. So now you found love in the workplace, what do you do? How do you manage it? What are the don’ts and the dos of love in the workplace? Here are few points to serve as guide.

Girls: This is how you treat your boyfriend

Good men are hard to find; it’s hard to meet a man who is everything that you want and more. They are hard to find but they exist, so my advice to the lucky ladies in a healthy relationship filled with love? Keep your man. For those not in relationships yet, don’t worry, you’ll find a good guy soon. Anyways back to today’s topic; and this goes out to all the ladies out there. This is how to treat your boyfriend.