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Proudly Ijaw

My Papa na soldier man, yes retired Senior officer of the Nig Army (Major). An Armorer, a marksman, a weapon instructor in the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) for several years and has trained and groomed so many Generals in the Nigeria Army some still in service. Did he end there? No, he was one time firearms tribunal chairman of Abia state, Recruitment Commander Abia State, SO2 Recruitment Lagos State, NYSC Camp Commandant Abia State. OC Admin Coy 174BN Badagry Lagos. He catch me say I too stubborn go put me for Army, say you de act like man abi? Go Army, when them cook you done, you go sabi who born you Lol! That’s how my journey to the Nigeria Army began. And I became the first female soldier in the history of Amassoma. Check the archives. Historical facts don’t lie nor die. I was posted to the prestigious military police Corp and i became a watchdog that can arrest and handcuff a general when the chips are down. Yes. It happened.