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How To Start High Yield Palm Tree Plantation In Nigeria

Red Palm Oil Tree Plantation is one of the most useful plantation in the world. Nothing in palm tree that is not useful, from the fruit to the palm frond, everything is used for one thing or the other that brings benefit to man. The use of red oil palm fruit to extract edible and useful red oil has been in practice all over the world for many centuries. Almost the entire economy of countries such as Malaysia depends of palm oil plantation and exportation. Making the country one of the biggest player in the palm oil industry. They account for the estimated 5% of global productions. Malaysia is currently producing more than 20 million tonnes of palm oil and holds the second largest palm oil producer position in the world.

Everything about the Nigerian education system will kill your talent

Everything that you learnt in school will kill your talent. First they will steal your dreams. Sell you the mentality of the proletariat. Then you are dead. Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy. John is a good kid. He graduated from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. I met him just a few days to his POP. That was three years ago. You want to know what M. John is doing today? NOTHING. Three years ago when I asked him what he plans to do after his POP, his answer after 30 seconds of sudden deep thought: “Ehmmm, look for a job…” For three years he is still looking for a job. And he hasn’t found any yet. Two years ago I asked him if he had any alternative plans since jobs were becoming elusive. He told me he was working on something. 24 months later there is nothing for me to see. So M. John lives with his parents, jobless, broke, …

The NLC Strike: A Total Fail

Compared to the #OccupyNigeria action of 2012, the strike declared by NLC on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 was a total failure. In places like Rivers, Adamawa, Bauchi, Yobe, Jigawa etc, life and businesses went on as usual. Nigerians totally ignored the call by the Nigerian Labour Congress to strike against the increase in fuel price. While some stayed at home, others were at work as if nothing concern them.  And in places where the strike held yesterday (Wednesday) only a few, mostly the officials of NLC protested. And the reason is

How GEJ Lost The 2015 Presidential Election?

Hold the PDP founding members responsible says Nyesom Wike. The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike said that the selfishness and greed of the PDP elders or founding members was responsible, for Jonathan’s loss to All Progressives Congress’ Buhari at the 2015 presidential elections.  This, Wike said when the National Convention Planning Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party visited him at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Monday, May 13th.

NLC’s Nationwide Strike: Winter is coming!

And it is time to stock up on necessities. On Saturday May 14, the Nigerian Labour Congress issued a warning to the Federal Government to revert the pump price of fuel from 145 naira to the former 86.50 or face a nationwide strike. That ultimatum will elapse tomorrow, Wednesday May 18 2016. However, the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE) declared on Saturday that it would not be joining the NLC strike as it has resolved to stand firmly support of the federal government’s resolve to fully deregulate the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

HUSBAND SCARCITY! (The Easiest Way To Find A Husband Now)

Marriage is not a poverty alleviation program. This may not be the best time for me to write on this because of misinterpretations, but I can no longer resist the push. “Husband Scarcity” has become one of the challenges faced by many young girls today. If you go to prayer houses, majority of the intentions are prayer for a life partner. And this calls for concern. Casting our minds back to the time of our mothers and grandmothers,

Girls: This is how you treat your boyfriend

Good men are hard to find; it’s hard to meet a man who is everything that you want and more. They are hard to find but they exist, so my advice to the lucky ladies in a healthy relationship filled with love? Keep your man. For those not in relationships yet, don’t worry, you’ll find a good guy soon. Anyways back to today’s topic; and this goes out to all the ladies out there. This is how to treat your boyfriend.

What Are Some Ways To Find Out What Someone Really Thinks About You?

I heard a great quote once: You’d worry less about what people think of you if you realized how infrequently they actually do. As humans, especially when we are young, we think about ourselves a lot, I mean A LOT.  So even though you may be thinking about your hair and your clothes and how you sound and that dumb thing you said yesterday, nobody else is. So don’t

6000 Police Personnel And 3 Police Commissioners Deployed For The March 19 Re-run Elections In Rivers State

In order to prevent electoral violence and to assure a peaceful conduct of the Rivers State re-run legislative election holding on March 19, the Police Inspector General, Sunday Arase has assigned 6000 Police personnel and 3 Police commissioners to the state. The 3 Police Commissioners will oversee security matters before and during the election in the three senatorial districts of Rivers State – Rivers East, Rivers West as well as Rivers South East. This directive was contained in a statement released on Sunday March 13 by Olabisi Kolawole who is an Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police and also the Nigeria Police Force Spokesperson.