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Did school prepare you for the real world?

That is the important question that you must begin to answer; if you are interested in personal success. School could be a wonderful experience; a great time of growing up and learning about the world and about yourself. It could also be the period when the trajectory of your life becomes totally ruined especially if and when your parents are not very rich and you attended the public schools. Nigeria spots one of the world’s worst managed public school system (primary to tertiary) characterized by a deplorable dearth of initiatives, restrictive and regressive educational agendas, delayed or complete non-payment of salaries/benefits, government insincerity and double standards, unmotivated teachers/lecturers, inadequate and deteriorating learning and teaching facilities, outdated curriculum, incessant strikes/industrial actions, poorly trained students with little or no life skills upon graduation. Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy. As I have already told in Who Took My Job? I had a wonderful experience as a student, except that I was not very interested in academics. I was …

No enough places to hangout in Port Harcourt

Port harcourt grows more beautiful with each passing day, Wike really is working. My only problem with Port Harcourt city now, is that there isn’t enough places to hangout. Last public holiday, I went to Port Harcourt Mall with my friends to buy something. On arrival to the mall, we where greeted with so much crowd, it was around 8 o’clock but there where so many children at every turn. Honestly it was a madhouse that day. I really don’t blame those kids though, Port Harcourt city might be one of the biggest towns in Nigeria but there are just two places you can go to have fun, Port Harcourt mall and Genesis Deluxe cinemas. It would have been 3 places but no one goes to Silverbird Cinema any more.

Automatic transmission change on your car and what caused the damage

The major cause of most of these gearbox break down is mostly lack of proper due service, wrong fluid service, where the wrong fluid is used and overfilling of fluid into the gearbox. We have seen situations where car owners avoid doing the required regular transmission fluid service on their cars for years with the excuse that the car was bought from overseas without even realizing there is a huge population of negligent car owners oversees who don’t service their cars immediately it is out of warranty.

The trip that changed my life, my SOS experience

15 years ago, I went on this trip to a camp in Oyo state, Eruwa camp they called it. I can’t remember how long I was there but I do remember not wanting to go. I didn’t know anybody there. All my friends were going to London, America, Disney land etc and I was going to Eruwa camp in Oyo state. I was miffed. I decided I was going to stand out of the crowd; I would be aloof and not speak to anyone. Maybe, they’d say I was intolerant and unsociable and send me back home. It was a good plan so I packed up my bags and went to Eruwa camp.

Motor no dey marry wife

This is not a very funny story but it’s an interesting one. My boyfriend had just broken up with me and my heart felt like it had been run over by a truck. While my heart was still lying crushed at the scene of the accident, I decided to treat the rest of my body to some roasted plantain and fish, you know, some soul food to lift my spirit. See also: Eat Pitakwa: Bole

Beamer, Benz and Bentley

The month of December every year saw the commencement of my annual laundry service. I started my business when I was 13 but it only came into its name the year I turned 18. Before I tell you the rather interesting story behind the name, I think it’s appropriate that I explained what my company does. Well, we cater to the laundry needs of two relatives; Uncle Jim and Uncle Pat. Yup, that’s it really. Every year on the month of December, my family joined my other relatives at our family house in Port Harcourt to celebrate the holidays. During that time, I and my brother did the laundry of my two richest uncles. Well, he did most of the washing and I, mostly did the pandering. Uncle Jim is a pharmacist in the US and Uncle Pat is an oil marketer in Warri. They have very little in common except that they are both rich. Uncle Pat is slightly richer though, but who’s counting. The interesting thing about these two men is; you could never …

17 Simple Rules for Good table etiquette

Many people don’t care about table etiquette, they don’t even know how to use their fork and knife. The only thing they know is the basic “Don’t talk with your mouth full…” It’s a pity most schools in Nigeria neglected to teach us our table manners; education should be more than learning biology and mathematics. There are a number of fancy restaurants in Port Harcourt and you do not want to be visiting any one of them without your dinner etiquette intact would you? Well this is not a finishing school, but I will do my best to teach you the basics. When invited to dinner or so, you should know the acceptable practices or right ways to conduct yourself at the dining table especially when other people are partaking in the meal. Be it in a friend’s home, a restaurant or wherever.

Port Harcourt boy

I remember the very first time I heard a song by Duncan Mighty. It had been in my village, during our usual December return. My cousin had been washing one of my uncles’ car and playing music loudly while at it. The song had gone “wene oh wene oh weneohh”. Being a typical Lagos babe, I had gone “the f… is this village debacle”, sitting on my high horse and squeezing my nose. Well, that “village debacle” grew on me and became one of the best Afro pop songs I’d ever heard in my life.