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Book Review: LIVING with AUDACITY

As I interact with people on a daily basis both physically and virtually, I perceive there’s one thing we all share in common as humans. It didn’t matter what we do or what we look like, we all want to get some kind of result out of life. We are all seeking for balance. We want our lives to exude an aura that makes the whole world stand at ease when our names of the thought of us comes to mind. Truth is, we can’t get tired of results. Living with Audacity is my response to this quest for results on a personal level. They represent the lessons I’d learned in my journey so far which I’ve been able to distill down into strategies that can help anyone anytime to effortlessly get more out of life.

Despite the Economic Recession People Are Still Getting Rich Through A New CryptoCurrency TBC

(Sponsored) According to Richard Branson, CRYPTO CURRENCY will transform the world. Dangote,  one  of  Africa’s  wealthiest  takes  risk,  and  he’s  never  afraid  of  new  investment.  Are  you  still  waiting  for  the  naira  to  rise  above  the  Dollar,  well  Naira,  Dollar,  Euro  etc.  are  all  fiat  currency  and  are  subject  to  rise  and  fall. Most of  you  would  have  heard  of  bitcoin  by  now,  some  are  still  in  the  dark  about  this.  Well, now is the time to get educated.  While  we  wish  we  could  go  back  in  time  to  purchase  bitcoin  in  2009, our  problems  would  be  solved  by  now.  So another opportunity has come our way.  I’ve  tapped  into  it  and  I  wish  you  would  do  the  same.  If  you’re  interested,  I  indulge  you  to  read  to  the  end. I bring  to  you  THE  BILLION  COIN  (TBC),  a  crypto  currency  that  has  come  to  end  poverty  globally,  the  billion  coin  is  a  paradigm  shift,  and  it’s  a  belief  and  truth  of  the  moment.

7 Reasons why you should register now with Meridians Life Support foundation

OPPORTUNITY! OPPORTUNITY!! OPPORTUNITY!!! Meridians Life Support Foundation (Melisfon Inc) is here to empower and touch lives with a great opportunity that will transform and take you from where you are to where you ought to be. An organisation whose existence is aimed at empowering lives of men, women, youths and children for their desired dreams to be met or achieved. This organisation is here to put gold into your hands and make you financially stable in this period of economic recession in the country. They offer a lot of benefits and incentives like android phone, Hp laptop, Iphones, Ipads, fridges, microwaves, cars, SUV jeeps, a week trip to Dubai, and lots more. Your only access to enjoy these benefits after making a one time registration to obtain your own password as a registered member of this great organisation is to register now. This organisation is aimed at rendering four powerful services to only registered member who have obtained their password. The four (4) services includes free medical services, free skill acquisition services of any kind, free …

Take advantage of Meridains Life Support (Melisfon Inc) to train yourself and your staff on any required skills

Meridains Life Support (Melisfon Inc) is an amazing organization that specializes in Skill Acquisition, Leadership and Human Resource Management, Medical and Social Services. Training yourself and yourself staff presents great opportunity to gain new knowledge and skill that will take you to greater height.  Why not take advantage of this company to train, yourself and your staff on any required skills you need.

Automatic transmission change on your car and what caused the damage

The major cause of most of these gearbox break down is mostly lack of proper due service, wrong fluid service, where the wrong fluid is used and overfilling of fluid into the gearbox. We have seen situations where car owners avoid doing the required regular transmission fluid service on their cars for years with the excuse that the car was bought from overseas without even realizing there is a huge population of negligent car owners oversees who don’t service their cars immediately it is out of warranty.

Port Harcourt is ready for Garden City Advancement Award 2016

Port Harcourt is ready for the 2016 Garden City Advancement Award and Summit. All T’s are crossed and all i’s dotted. This award and summit is aimed at recognizng notable patriots and distinguished orgainizations that have contributed in times past and those that are contributing presently to the advancement of Rivers State, who despite several bottlenecks have chosen to stand out for excellence and exemplary landmark. The highlight of the event will be the award prosentation dinner which will spotlight keynote addresses from speakers from the state and other parts of the nation.

The 2016 Annual Charity Halloween Costume Party in Port Harcourt

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation in collaboration with Signature Empire organises 2016 Annual Charity Halloween Costume Party in Port Harcourt for you. It’s the best place to hangout on 29th October 2016 at Cubana Lounge located at plot F6C, Abacha road GRA, Phase 3. It promises to be all fun and entertainment. Guest Apperances: Amanda (Cool FM), Ko (Cool FmM), Lengendary Suni (Winner Coke Studio Wet Africa 2014)

Why network marketing is future of marketing products and services

The world values are shifting rapidly. Job security is fast changing. Many people love working from home and spending more time with family and friends. Starting new business and marketing your products and services and getting results for your investment is not esay as statistices shows that 80% of new businesses fail. So what is the best tpye of marketing for your products and services? Here are the reasons why network marketing is future of marketing products and services in Port Harcourt.