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Port Harcourt boy

I remember the very first time I heard a song by Duncan Mighty. It had been in my village, during our usual December return. My cousin had been washing one of my uncles’ car and playing music loudly while at it. The song had gone “wene oh wene oh weneohh”. Being a typical Lagos babe, I had gone “the f… is this village debacle”, sitting on my high horse and squeezing my nose. Well, that “village debacle” grew on me and became one of the best Afro pop songs I’d ever heard in my life.

Daughters Of The Creeks

This is what they call the Iraa final look (pictures are from the recent Wakirike cultural display at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology Student Cultural Week). The Okrika people preserve their Culture and pride by allowing maidens participate in the Iraa ceremony, where she will be kept in a fattening room, taught the skills, traditions and ways of womanhood. Then she is