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Africa – Our Future is Agriculture

Agriculture is a crucial economic activity, providing employment and livelihoods for many and serving as the basis for many industries. In most African countries, agriculture supports the survival and well-being of up to 70 percent of the population. Thus, for many, their livelihoods are directly affected by environmental changes, both sudden and gradual, which impact on agricultural productivity. Livestock and environmental goods offer some security from such shocks. About 70 percent of the rural poor in Africa own livestock, contributing significantly to household and community resilience to disasters, particularly in arid and semi-arid zones. More than 200 million people rely on their livestock for income (sales of milk, meat, skins) and drought power. Overall, livestock contributes about 30 percent of the gross value of agricultural production in Africa. According to the International Livestock Research Center (ILRI), opportunities exist to commercialize livestock production to target regional deficits in livestock products where they can be produced competitively.

No enough places to hangout in Port Harcourt

Port harcourt grows more beautiful with each passing day, Wike really is working. My only problem with Port Harcourt city now, is that there isn’t enough places to hangout. Last public holiday, I went to Port Harcourt Mall with my friends to buy something. On arrival to the mall, we where greeted with so much crowd, it was around 8 o’clock but there where so many children at every turn. Honestly it was a madhouse that day. I really don’t blame those kids though, Port Harcourt city might be one of the biggest towns in Nigeria but there are just two places you can go to have fun, Port Harcourt mall and Genesis Deluxe cinemas. It would have been 3 places but no one goes to Silverbird Cinema any more.

My problem with Spar And MRP

Port Harcourt Mall opened last two years. When it finally opened, we were all glad. With it came the popular Spar, Film house, Spice route, Debonairs and other great stores. Moving on, I’m excited about Spar, but I just have to ask, “What is up with Spar’s food?” I love their cake, muffins and chicken lollipop. But their food, especially the rice, it’s like it’s bi-polar. It’s really tasty one day but an absolute apology the next day. Is it because it’s cheap?

3 Things that are falling apart in Port Harcourt

These times are challenging. A lot of people struggle to provide food on their table, there is no constant power supply in so many parts of Port Harcourt and people sleep with one eye open in some areas of Rivers State due to challenging security situation. The good news is that Pitakwa people who are resilient, find ways to solve these challenging situations. This post is about these things that is falling apart in Port Harcourt and what can be done.

The decadence that is the Port Harcourt Zoo

Since I came to Port Harcourt in 2012, I have been hearing lots of things about the Port Harcourt Zoo, especially from indigenes and residents who had been in the city before me. “Oh, have you been to the Port Harcourt Zoo? It is where the lion escaped one time and started dancing in the street” or my personal favourite, “In the Port Harcourt Zoo, the animals all know how to greet and laugh at your jokes even if they are not funny. It’s a very exciting place to visit”. Naturally, my interest and curiosity was piqued.  Who wouldn’t want to have alligators grinning to their jokes? I mean… So I asked them, “Where is the zoo? Where can I find this zoo with the dancing lions and happy snakes?” And almost immediately, the directions became very mysterious. “Oh, you can find it from Garrison side”, “Oh…if you are going to Trans Amadi, you will just see it”, “The zoo is somewhere in Tai Local Government”. Because, you see, none of these people had actually …

Why Silverbird Cinemas Port Harcourt failed

In the face of the widely publicized shutdown of Silverbird Group companies; Silverbird Cinemas, Silverbird Television and Rhythm FM, by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), I decided to consider the reasons why the multi-billion naira entertainment company was owing up to 11 billion naira. One answer stood out: the cinemas and stations owned by the Silverbird Group were obviously not bringing in enough revenue. The question then loomed, why? Naturally, I examined as the sample case, the Silverbird cinema situated at former Obi Wali Cultural Centre, Abonnema wharf, Diobu, Port Harcourt. (Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy) This post is a review of the Silverbird cinemas Port Harcourt, an examination of why it has failed and suggestions on what to do next.