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People who cry during movies are the strongest

I don’t cry at the drop of a hat and I’d hardly shed a tear if someone hurt or upset me. But I would turn on extreme water works for a movie, music or even a book, it doesn’t matter where I am, I would sob like I just lost a loved one. I have reacted and wept in front of family, friends, significant others, insignificant others and total strangers. I remember reading Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews on a bus and bursting into tears alarming everyone around me. I am not ashamed of how weak my tear ducts can be when reading or watching strong and emotive material as it takes someone special to be able to put themselves in another person’s shoes and feel their pain. It tells a lot about a person and shows a high level of emotional strength. Strength to withstand, understand and feel what others are feeling. How isn’t that a blessed gift?

10 lessons death taught me

My friend died a couple of months ago. She had a car accident and was burnt to death. If you grimaced at that, you should imagine what I did when I saw a picture of her body. I was scared shitless. I couldn’t sleep for days, I had to beg someone to sleep in my room with me for weeks. I’ve gotten over the grief, but that death taught me quite a few things. And I feel it’s important everyone knows these things too.

Re-inventing Port Harcourt as a shipping hub (The Guardian)

In the light of weakening global oil prices coupled with Nigerian Government’s new mantra of diversification, there is an urgent need for the Federal Government and all relevant stakeholders in the shipping industry to give adequate attention to Port Harcourt seaports to ensure they are brought back to their original status as a bustling shipping hub as envisioned by the founding fathers. Port Harcourt was originally created as a port city and shipping hub to export coal and agriculture products in 1912. However when crude oil was eventually discovered in 1956 it changed everything. The city moved from export of non oil products to a major industrial center with a number of large industrial firms particularly businesses related to the oil and gas industry. Everything in the city directly or indirectly now has a bearing on oil and the city has abandoned the ideals of the founding fathers who positioned it as a shipping and commercial hub beyond crude oil.

How I nearly got killed because of a sugar mummy in Port Harcourt

When I first came to Port Harcourt four years ago, I was young, bright-eyed and hungry. I had come from my little town in Benin City and I was determined to make sure I made money in Port Harcourt before I headed back. Very quickly, one of the first things I did was to start a business. I registered a company with the CAC and started searching for clients everywhere I could. (Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy) One day while talking business with a potential client who was the owner of a beauty salon in GRA Phase 2, I was called over to a lady who was getting her hair braided. She asked me what I did and then gave me her business card and told me to call her the next day. I was overjoyed. It seemed like all my dreams were about to come true. Not only had I been able to meet a potential client, I was also going to get a …

Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Ever heard of Phantom vibration syndrome? You might not have, but I bet you have it. Phantom Vibration syndrome or ringing (PVS or R) is the perception that ones phone is vibrating or ringing even when it Isn’t. Has this ever happened to you?  You’re sitting at work, or seeing a movie and you hear or feel your phone ring or vibrate, then you reach for it in your pocket and realise it isn’t even there. You just experienced Phantom vibration or ringing.