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Why MMM programme is not a Ponzi Scheme as MMM programme cannot crash but can be stopped

I read a letter from one of the commercial banks in Nigeria advising it’s customers to leave MMM Programme because the said bank noticed that some of its customers are involved in a Ponzi scheme called MMM. Whenever I read and come across information like this, my research ability is awakened. I quickly looked for the meaning of Ponzi, just like I have looked at it so many times.  Ponzi schemes in the past crashed. To quickly justify this information weather is true or false is the reason I wrote this article. What I found out and what I studied from MMM programme made to prove that MMM is not a Ponzi Scheme.

If everybody in Nigeria joins Popular MMM Programme, will it crash?

There are more than 150 million Nigerians according to last census. Currently, participants in MMM programme world-wide is about 200 million. So, to answer the question ‘If everybody in Nigeria joins Popular MMM Programme, will it crash?’. NO, it will not crash, but on one condition. The condition is that they will continually donate their spare money and leave the rest to MMM algorithm to handle and balance every other thing. The purpose of this article is to explain that MMM program can be sustainable and will not crash even if everybody in Nigeria joins.

Understanding Popular MMM Programme from First Principle: It will never crash if…

Popular MMM programme has been referred by media and government agencies as Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme, Wonder Bank and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Research has shown that Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are not sustainable and therefore crashes eventually. Is popular MMM programme really Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme, robbing Peter to pay Paul and Wonder Bank? Do you have your facts and figures about MMM and why its Ponzi Scheme and the likes and will eventually crash? Can you predict if this programme that is helping more than 200 million participants all over the world will eventually crash and why? Do you know the principle, ideologies, risks, rules and regulation guiding MMM Scheme? Do you have proven, researched data and information to prove your point that MMM programme will crash eventually? This article does not seek to convince people to join the programme, it’s not sponsored by any government or private institution, it’s a personal research work to prove that MMM programme can crash or be sustained. It seeks to prove from first principle, popular MMM business model, why it will crash or …