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Personal Make-up Training in Port Harcourt Starting This Month

Stop wearing make-up like a little girl, if you want to be taken seriously. Do you love make-up? Do you love looking beautiful? Do you want to be taking seriously? By guys and everyone else? If you are a girl then you already know that people judge you mostly by your appearance; and nothing speaks ‘self confidence’, ‘sophisticated’, ‘mature’ than a perfectly made-up face. That’s a fact.

3 Easy DIY Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair

I absolutely love my natural hair because it does something most naturalist would find unbelievable. It obeys. Natural hair craves attention; it’s like a needy boyfriend. You have to listen to it so it can submit to you. I read about so many natural hair products and at a point, I went gung with that. The first 6 months after my big chop, I was just buying and buying. I’d see someone recommend something and decide to give it a try and still my hair just refused to grow. With shock I realized that not all products are fit for everyone and after some extensive research, I decided to revert to good old shea butter and coconut oil. I have to say I haven’t regretted that decision ever since.

Yummy Mummy in Port Harcourt

Most women spend all their spinster life looking good, they wear the nicest clothes, make the most fashionable hair, they ensure everything is on flick. Then they get married, and start giving out most of their fashionable attires and switch to Aso okes and bubas. By the time the first baby comes, they’ve completely forgotten what it means to look good. They only live for their baby and to them that means ditching anything that would remotely make them look hot and tying wrappers around their chest all day.

4 Ways to Trim you Natural Hair

When I started on my natural hair journey the thought of trimming my hair was like the longest shot ever. Trim which hair? After the struggle, spending days and nights grooming it and searching for ways to make it grow I’m now expected to voluntarily cut it? What a laugh! Everyone knows that 4c hair (4c hair is a kind of kinky hair texture) is the most difficult to manage so it sounded to me like a really big joke. However, now I know it’s really the best kept secret. I’m 2 years natural and I only started trimming my hair 6 months ago but I can say that was the best hair decision I have ever made. Trimming is not cutting. I had to make that my mantra the first time I was going to take the loose ends off. Trimming off loose ends allows for fuller ends. It gives the hair more space to grow and it reduces breakage.

How to shave without bumps (for men)

For those guys who aren’t ‘team beard gang’ shaving is invasive and if not done the right way, that simple act of removing facial hair with a sharp metal blade can turn ugly, leaving a face full of bumps. We all know how unsightly bumps can be and they are so hard to get rid of. With these few steps, you are guaranteed a bump free, smooth as a baby’s bottom, face.

7 Simple tips for keeping your skin wrinkle free

Wrinkles: a phenomenon loathed by all women. Men too, sometimes. These small folds, lines or ridges appear on the skin as a result of an ageing process, habitual facial expression, prolonged immersion in water, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, skin types and some other reasons. They say prevention is better than cure and while there are treatments for wrinkles such as laser treatments and plastic surgery, it is better to prevent them than to use those aggressive techniques later. Here are possible treatments and preventive measures to take against wrinkles Avoid the sun The sun is the major cause of wrinkles. Exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun can predispose you to a wrinkled face in the near future. As much as you can, avoid too much to sunlight. Wear sunscreen whenever you are going to be exposed to a lot of sun. Sleep Getting enough sleep is necessary to keep your skin healthy. Lack of sleep makes the body produce a skin cell breaking hormone called cortisol, but another hormone called Human Growth …