Author: Kenechi Nwogwugwu

Everything about the Nigerian education system will kill your talent

Everything that you learnt in school will kill your talent. First they will steal your dreams. Sell you the mentality of the proletariat. Then you are dead. Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy. John is a good kid. He graduated from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. I met him just a few days to his POP. That was three years ago. You want to know what M. John is doing today? NOTHING. Three years ago when I asked him what he plans to do after his POP, his answer after 30 seconds of sudden deep thought: “Ehmmm, look for a job…” For three years he is still looking for a job. And he hasn’t found any yet. Two years ago I asked him if he had any alternative plans since jobs were becoming elusive. He told me he was working on something. 24 months later there is nothing for me to see. So M. John lives with his parents, jobless, broke, …

Did school prepare you for the real world?

That is the important question that you must begin to answer; if you are interested in personal success. School could be a wonderful experience; a great time of growing up and learning about the world and about yourself. It could also be the period when the trajectory of your life becomes totally ruined especially if and when your parents are not very rich and you attended the public schools. Nigeria spots one of the world’s worst managed public school system (primary to tertiary) characterized by a deplorable dearth of initiatives, restrictive and regressive educational agendas, delayed or complete non-payment of salaries/benefits, government insincerity and double standards, unmotivated teachers/lecturers, inadequate and deteriorating learning and teaching facilities, outdated curriculum, incessant strikes/industrial actions, poorly trained students with little or no life skills upon graduation. Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy. As I have already told in Who Took My Job? I had a wonderful experience as a student, except that I was not very interested in academics. I was …

How I wish young people will see Ben Murray-Bruce vision for them in this article

Nigeria has one of the highest populations of young people between 18-36 in the world. Thus, the single biggest focus of Nigerian leaders should not be how to consolidate themselves in power, but how to convert her huge youth population from a consumer market to a producer market. We may not be able to achieve that in one generation, but at least we can achieve being a prosumer nation in one generation. A prosumer nation is a nation that consumes what it produces.

The difference between the rich and the poor

There is a popular story about a rich man traveling to a far country and gave his servants money according to their ability. He gave one servant 5 talents and another 2 talents and 1 talent. The one he gave 5, multiplied it to 10 and the one he gave 2 multiplied it to 4. An important lesson here is that the rich multiplies his wealth. But, the servant he gave 1 talent hid the money in the ground. Where he hid the money, nobody can make use of that money. He locked the potential of that money. Even the bank cannot do business with the money to make more profit. This is a poor man. He locks his potentials without making use of them. The aim of this article is to highlight the major difference between the rich and the poor and encourage you to do and learn from the rich.

Take advantage of Meridains Life Support (Melisfon Inc) to train yourself and your staff on any required skills

Meridains Life Support (Melisfon Inc) is an amazing organization that specializes in Skill Acquisition, Leadership and Human Resource Management, Medical and Social Services. Training yourself and yourself staff presents great opportunity to gain new knowledge and skill that will take you to greater height.  Why not take advantage of this company to train, yourself and your staff on any required skills you need.

Tips for couples in Port Harcourt

Marriage is an institution created by God between male and female. It is a holy ground because God created it. God is always present in marriage. Marriage is a blessing, always remember when facing challenges together. Marriage is based on trust. Trust each other and tell each other the truth. Marriage is all about meeting needs. The main purpose of marriage is to help each other to fulfill God’s purpose and mandate in life. Others are for procreation, purity, pleasure, partnership, companionship etc.

Why you need a mentor to succeed

Mentorship is indispensable for you to succed in anything you are doing in Port Harcourt. You need somebody that knows how and hook up to him or her. Mentorship is a vehicle that grant you speed in everthing you do. Being a prodigy to a mentor is being a beneficiary of the wisdom and experience of your mentor so that you can get to where they are and even beyond. Mentorship provides a road map that make the joiurney of life so easy. It is example that make life so easy. Who are you looking unto? Or are you looking on the internet alone?

How certain rich man helped people who ordinarly will beg him for money

A very wealthy man has lots of neighbours who beg him for money. The man, as his custom is, always helps with cash and bags of rice. Suddenly, he discovered that if he continues like this, he will be wearied out someday because the needs and wants of these people never seems to end. He began to think of how to help them. This articles highlights how this rich man helped his people in his community who ordinarily will always beg for money.