Author: Christopher Aneni

3 Easy to make banana recipes for your baby

More and more mummies are bypassing cereals (cerelac, Heinz, cow&gate) for natural foods and vegetables. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with alternating. Consult your paediatrician before you start your little one on anything and don’t forget the 4day rule. When you give your baby a new kind of food, wait 4 days before continuing and watch out for allergic reactions, diarrhea or rashes. 6 months is when I feel comfortable introducing my kids to cereals and semisolids. Some mothers start at 4 months but I always wonder what the hurry is. Bananas are one of the safest foods to start your baby on as they are low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat and contain simple amino acids and vitamins. Banana is easy to digest and treats constipation but when eaten in large quantities can cause constipation. Find a safe balance. One banana a day is sufficient for your little one.

9 Ways to relieve period cramps

So last week, a friend of mine in Port Harcourt nearly broke up with his girlfriend. What was the problem? Menstrual cramps. She had been going through a bit of a rough period at that time of the month (puns intended) and he was not there to properly “comfort her”. As a result, she threatened to break up with his uncaring behind. Long story short, they are back together. Moral of the story, not being there during menstrual cramps is a “break-upable” offence. For some people, menstrual cramps may seem like a small reason to warrant a breakup. I mean, it’s just cramps right? But like it has been said: “It’s like an injury someone is piercing a knife into, which is allowed to heal for a few minutes, then pierced again” Menstrual cramps can be really painful and so it is important to learn how to deal with them effectively. This post lists some of the most effective ways of dealing with menstrual cramps.

The decadence that is the Port Harcourt Zoo

Since I came to Port Harcourt in 2012, I have been hearing lots of things about the Port Harcourt Zoo, especially from indigenes and residents who had been in the city before me. “Oh, have you been to the Port Harcourt Zoo? It is where the lion escaped one time and started dancing in the street” or my personal favourite, “In the Port Harcourt Zoo, the animals all know how to greet and laugh at your jokes even if they are not funny. It’s a very exciting place to visit”. Naturally, my interest and curiosity was piqued.  Who wouldn’t want to have alligators grinning to their jokes? I mean… So I asked them, “Where is the zoo? Where can I find this zoo with the dancing lions and happy snakes?” And almost immediately, the directions became very mysterious. “Oh, you can find it from Garrison side”, “Oh…if you are going to Trans Amadi, you will just see it”, “The zoo is somewhere in Tai Local Government”. Because, you see, none of these people had actually …

Why Silverbird Cinemas Port Harcourt failed

In the face of the widely publicized shutdown of Silverbird Group companies; Silverbird Cinemas, Silverbird Television and Rhythm FM, by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), I decided to consider the reasons why the multi-billion naira entertainment company was owing up to 11 billion naira. One answer stood out: the cinemas and stations owned by the Silverbird Group were obviously not bringing in enough revenue. The question then loomed, why? Naturally, I examined as the sample case, the Silverbird cinema situated at former Obi Wali Cultural Centre, Abonnema wharf, Diobu, Port Harcourt. (Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy) This post is a review of the Silverbird cinemas Port Harcourt, an examination of why it has failed and suggestions on what to do next.

Where to Find the Top 7 Markets in Port Harcourt and what they sell

From New York to old Constantinople, the port cities of the present and the past have been bustling areas of activity, sparking the fires of commerce in the hearts of the inhabitants, and Port Harcourt, the Oil City of West Africa is no exception. There are many markets you can find in Port Harcourt, catering to different needs. This post lists out these markets, where to find them and what they specialize in.

Samsung (Finally) Debuts Galaxy S7, S7 Edge With Better Cameras — and Waterproofing!

After months of anticipation — and a seemingly endless supply of leaks — Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are finally here. Unveiled during Samsung’s press event at the Mobile World Congress electronics show in Barcelona, the S7 and S7 edge look a lot like their predecessors — but there are a couple of key differences, including new cameras, waterproof designs, and the return of expandable storage. Will that be enough for the S7 and S7 edge to effectively do battle with Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? Let’s take a look.

Where to find the top 6 Universities and higher institutions in Port Harcourt

Right from the heydays of Diete Spliff the first indigenous governor of Rivers state, the state has been recognized as pillar for education in the entire south-south zone of Nigeria. So it is not surprising that there are over 6 higher institutions of learning to be found dotted around the state. This post gives you the top 6 Universities and higher institutions in Port Harcourt and where to find them both online and offline.

Nigerian Navy thwarts attempt to hijack Merchant ship off Onne coast

The Nigerian Navy yesterday foiled an attempt by suspected sea pirates to hijack and abduct 25 foreign nationals aboard a Maersk merchant ship carrying general cargo to Nigeria. Briefing journalists on Sunday at Onne Sea Port, Rivers, Captain Olusegun Soyemi, the Executive Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Pathfinder, said the vessel berthed safely with the rescued crew members unharmed.

5 things Port Harcourt women love about their Pitakwa men

Ask someone to name the different kinds of things men love about women and it is usually easy to run through at least 25, the big question however is what do women like and more importantly, what do Port Harcourt women like about their men. After extensive study and interviews of up to 50 women, we finally have the Top 5 things Port Harcourt women love about their Pitakwa men.