Amflourishing is an online network marketing company formed to meet financial needs of members.  It is network contribution platform where financial services are provided to registered members.

A lot of people need little cash to take care of financial needs. We have invented a solution to help.

With over 20 years experience in network marketing, we believe that providing products and services through beneficial members is the future of marketing industry.

Our vision is to provide financial services to millions of people in Nigeria.

Team Spirit


We understand that financial needs have to be met. These needs can be collectively  solved if we help each other and pull resources together to do more and bigger projects. is not a get rich quick scheme or Ponzi scheme. It uses pyramid structure to grow its members. We do not steal from anybody and does not allow anybody to steal from anybody.

Security of members’ funds is our top priority. We have reduces the risk to bearable minimum.

We provide beneficial products and services to members.


Our Services:

  1. Network Contribution for Projects

With 5,000 naira security fee, you become part owner of Amflourishing network marketing company. Your benefits include our compensation plan, returns on your investment through profit sharing and other great benefits offered.

How It Works:

  • Pay your Security fee each time you want to provide help.
  • We will invest and return interest. Terms and conditions apply.
  1. Loan Services

We understand that members need money to meet some basic needs. We provide this solution to members with little interest rates.

How It Works:

  • You indicate interest to borrow from another member of the community the sum of 15,000 naira.
  • A qualified member lends 10,000 naira and Admin also lends 5,000 naira making 15,000 naira borrowed.
  • The lender pays back N20,000.
  • The borrower receives its N12,500 while Admin receives 7,500.
  1. Naira Dollar Exchange

Amflourishing offers naira dollar exchange to everybody. Do you need to change your dollars to naira or naira to dollar at best exchange rate and make money? All you need to do is to register with us. We will transfer to your naira or domiciliary account instantly after our due process.

How It Works:

  • You register with us with valid ID card and your account number. You must also have domiciliary and naira account with any commercial bank in Nigeria.
  • You click on Buy Dollar or Sell Dollar button
  • We give you our naira or dollar account to make payment (dollar account if you are selling to us or naira account if you are buying from us) after you has verified our credibility with our bank.
  • You make payment based on agreed calculated exchange rate on our site with transaction reference number.
  • We make payment to customer account immediately we confirm payment and complete transaction.

Contact Us:


Phone: +2348181256506

Address: Shop 63, 7b Akaniwor Orazi Road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Follow us on Twitter: @AmFlourishing and Like our Facebook page.

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