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Ongoing voter registration exercise in Rivers State is weary for residents

The head of Voters’ Education and Publicity Department at the Independent Electoral Commission in Rivers State, Edwin Enabor said at the beginning of this year, that ongoing voters registration exercise at the Port Harcourt City Local Government head office enrolls up to 500 persons per day. This has not stopped from my investigation till date.

INEC started the continuous registration process on April 27, 2017 to enable qualified persons to obtain their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs.  To register, or sort out any issue with your PVC, visit any INEC office from 9 a.m-3 p.m Mondays to Saturdays. However, you have to wait for at least six (6) hours before you register. This is because there is so much crowd and few registration officials. This is time wasting and frustrating for residents who abandons work to spend the whole day at INEC office for this exercise.


A visit to INEC Office at South South Zonal Store close to CFC today shows that more than 500 persons comes to register or sort out issues with their PVC. This crowd comes everyday to register as I inquired.


It is baffling that we have such turn out at this time. INEC officers are overwhelmed. INEC officers in this registration center do not engage in malpractice or frustrate the registration process, but first come first serve. The officers are well trained to ensure order is followed in course of the exercise.


Can we continue like this? Why can’t people be encouraged to register conveniently instead of standing and siting in the sun all day. There should be adequate registration centers in the state for residents. This situation has continued like this for months according to my investigation. INEC, please do something about this matter.

Do not allow this situation to discourage you from getting your PVCs. Go and get your PVCs and prepare to vote.

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