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Senator Abe Lauds Niger Delta People for Rising Support For Buhari

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, senator representing Rivers South East Senatorial District, has commended the Niger Delta people for increasing their support for the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking in an interview with NTA International, Senator Abe said that there is a growing level of support from the Niger Delta to the present administration.

This, he said is as a result of engagement by this administration with the people of the region.

He stated that the visit of the Acting President to many parts of the region and consequent visit recently by some elders of the region to the presidential villa help to add up to the high level of support from the region.

“So, I think anybody who is aware of the level of engagement between the Niger Delta and the present administration will not be surprised to see the Niger Delta people coming out strongly in favour of this administration”.

Senator Abe further disclosed that the present administration has introduced high level of transparency into the oil and gas sector, pointing out that debt totaling billions of naira, which were outstanding in the sector, had been cleared notwithstanding the economic recession.

He also said that the war on corruption has introduced discipline and financial accountability in our system. Senator Abe in addition said that there had been substantial progress in agriculture, which is presently creating opportunities that are making a new living for Nigerians.

[This book Good To Go is publised by knowtech Media, a division of Knowtech Oil Ltd (RC 1155427). Click through to pay for your copy.]

Good to Go“As we speak today, thousands if not millions of Nigerians are making a new living from the opportunities that is being offered in that sector of the economy”. He assured Nigerians that even in the present difficult circumstance of recession that the APC led government is offering Nigerians opportunities to improve their lives not minding the propaganda of the opposition.

He further assured that the change mantra was working and called on Nigerians to take advantage of the opportunities. Senator Abe said that Nigerians should understand the fact that the President by writing to the National Assembly and handing over to the Vice President had met every constitutional requirements and therefore did not need protest.

However, he admitted that protest was a part of democracy. On restructuring, he said that Nigerians want changes that would make the system run more efficiently to deliver more in terms of quality of life, adding that the present system in the country is not delivering the maximum possible for teaming number of Nigerians and that the APC had set up the committee on restructuring in line with their manifesto to ensure that the will of Nigerian people is respected.

On the Anambra APC gubernatorial primaries, Senator Abe assured that the party is working very hard to see that the primaries are transparent and democratic; pointing out that the nation expects a lot from APC.

“The party is working very hard because they realize the eyes of Nigerians are on the APC to know what we are going to make of the challenges of internal democracy within the party”.

Furthermore, Abe said that the party had been managing their internal democracy to the satisfaction of their members citing the case of Kogi State where the party had twenty something aspirants, which he said at the end of the day were hundred percent satisfied with how the party handled the primaries.

He expressed confidence on the ability of the party to deliver the same expectations to Anambra people.



Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

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