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Book Review: LIVING with AUDACITY

As I interact with people on a daily basis both physically and virtually, I perceive there’s one thing we all share in common as humans.

It didn’t matter what we do or what we look like, we all want to get some kind of result out of life.

We are all seeking for balance.

We want our lives to exude an aura that makes the whole world stand at ease when our names of the thought of us comes to mind.

Truth is, we can’t get tired of results.

Living with Audacity is my response to this quest for results on a personal level. They represent the lessons I’d learned in my journey so far which I’ve been able to distill down into strategies that can help anyone anytime to effortlessly get more out of life.

Content Structure of Living With Audacity

The book is structured into 2 parts with a foreword written by one of my educational mentors, Dr. Chinonso Achebe, an associate professor in the field of engineering and a teacher par excellence.

Living With Audacity is a 194 page book with deep and practical insights into the subject of personal productivity. It follows both a conversational, instructional and inspirational style to present the most critical realities about personal effectiveness.

Part 1 reflects upon 7 core ideas that are necessary for pouring a lifelong foundation of personal productivity.

Part 2 focuses on the real business of mastery. Providing timeless strategies for mastering the 4 essential tools that provokes greater results for life and business.

Three reasons you need to read this masterpiece:

1. Because you want results out of life

2. Because you want more results out of life.

3. Because you want more and more results out of life.

That’s what LIVING WITH AUDACITY embodies. It’s a result-oriented personal productivity-centered piece that can serve you at any point in your journey towards living a full life.

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Living for Audacity

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