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Senator Abe Promises to Spearhead Sickle Cell Campaign

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, senator representing Rivers South East Senatorial District, has promised to spearhead sickle cell awareness campaign and its collaboration with the Senate.

Speaking at a symposium to mark the World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2017, organized by Sickle Cell Interactive and Management Association in Collaboration with Sickle Cell Support Society of Nigeria and Action Against Sickle Cell, in Port Harcourt, Abe said he would liaise with the Senate committee on Health in conjunction with the Association with a view to creating a legislative platform and framework for intensive national awareness as well as legal control in attitude and behavior.

He said this was necessary if the plights of sticklers are to be alleviated and the critical condition stemmed.

Senator Abe, who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA), narrated a pathetic account of news of the horror of sickle cell disease in many homes in Nigeria and urged all stakeholders to form a synergy into addressing issues of sickle cell in Nigeria and beyond.

He commended the organizer, Ifeoma Ifejika, for her relentless efforts in the fight against sickle cell anaemia.

Earlier in her speech, Ifeoma Ifejika, had commended Senator Magnus Abe for agreeing to work with the association to partner the Senate to provide legislative support to stem many issues arising from sickle cell anaemia.

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