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Advice for the employed


There is a lot of overdependence on white collar jobs. It has become a crowd mentality. Meanwhile there are lots of other jobs available. As a graduate you can do absolutely anything. It is about the value that you can bring to a job that matters more than what you can take out of it. You can start from anywhere and grow (don’t look down on any position).


Productivity – Adding value

You must be humble enough to take up any entry level job that comes your way; use it to hold yourself down for the mean time. Then while you are there, use what you have to plot your way to a bigger position within the same organization or outside.

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And let me take this opportunity to say this: no matter what job you end up getting, have a plan to be on your own one day – your own boss. Work towards it. The truth about life one way or another, we all get thrown back into unemployment, so it is better to be prepared for that before it happens. The company you work for could fold up, or you could be fired for one reason or the other. Therefore, it is better to execute your “side hustle” plan while you are still earning a salary. These things they will not teach you in school because “Life 101” is not a subject in the classroom.

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