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Everything about the Nigerian education system will kill your talent

Everything that you learnt in school will kill your talent.

First they will steal your dreams. Sell you the mentality of the proletariat. Then you are dead. Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy.

John is a good kid. He graduated from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. I met him just a few days to his POP. That was three years ago. You want to know what M. John is doing today? NOTHING.

Three years ago when I asked him what he plans to do after his POP, his answer after 30 seconds of sudden deep thought: “Ehmmm, look for a job…” For three years he is still looking for a job. And he hasn’t found any yet. Two years ago I asked him if he had any alternative plans since jobs were becoming elusive. He told me he was working on something. 24 months later there is nothing for me to see. So M. John lives with his parents, jobless, broke, unhappy…and I hope not depressed.

What happened to my boy? The Nigerian educational system stole his dream, brainwashed him, then made him think like a proletariat, then killed him.

Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy.

The proletariat are a special class of people with special needs. They are the laboring class; the masses, the lowest social or economic class in the society without any personal or individual identity. That’s why they are called the masses.

They depend on the government or an employer to meet their economic needs. When the government or the employer fails to adequately provide for those needs, they protest or move somewhere else. The proletariat are those who believe that they cannot have a job unless the government or someone else or organization hires them. The school system fashioned them so that they can no longer think for themselves.


People are born unique individuals and have dreams and aspirations for life. Until some of them get into school and the brainwashing happens that transforms each individual into a member of the masses. Then the school system squeezes away their dreams and changes them into zombies who lack initiative and can no longer think for themselves.

John’s problems and his solutions are in his own hands. He is working hard at getting a job. But he should rather be working hard at finding and reclaiming his unique ‘individualness’. That is difficult after many years of brainwashing but not impossible. The solution begins with you, with a change of perspective. Start thinking like a capitalist.

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Good to Go

A capitalist is not necessarily a wealthy person but someone who at least believes in the economic system of leverage and opportunities. Economists call it capitalism. A capitalist thinks in terms of opportunity, creativity and self-employment. He has no time waiting or depending on the government for work when he knows he can create his or her work. A capitalist may dream big about changing the world yet believes in small beginnings. Capitalism is a state of mind.

In Nigeria like in most parts of the world, most people have acquired the wrong education and that education is now killing them.

Education is not supposed to change your life. You are supposed to change your own life using the education that you have received.

Unlearn and relearn. Learn to think like a capitalist. And do it fast.

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