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The truth about the Nigerian education system and how it has been configured to kill your future

I was called to National Service in 2013. On the 13th or 14th of February 2014 I proudly and quietly received my discharge certificate. I had successfully committed one full year to the service of the fatherland. I had published ‘WHO TOOK MY JOB?’ a few months earlier and it was time for me to move on to the next stage and challenge of my life. I had the “clarity of mission” – I knew exactly where I was going and what I would love to do with the rest of my life, so, I was GOOD TO GO.

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Good to GoThroughout my service year I had borne a burden in my heart: I realized that even though many National Youth Service Corps members excitedly look forward to P.O.P (Passing Out Parade) and C.O.C ( Collection Of Certificate), only a few are truly ‘Good to go’. In other words, most have no sense of purpose, no clarity of mission, no vision, insecure, afraid of the future, blind to opportunities, yet hopelessly wishing for one thing only: an elusive job without an idea of what they can offer or what problem they should solve.

There was a need; and I felt I had to do something. In any little way to help. Too many graduates will be unemployed, broke, confused, and without any effective alternative plans or means against idleness, poverty and insignificance. So as soon as I was discharged I began conceptualizing, ‘GOOD TO GO: how to change your life in 30 days immediately after P.O.P.’ Then I began writing it. I wanted to inform as many ex, serving and future Corps members about the truth. The truth about life, work and significance, the truth about the Nigerian education system and how it has been configured to kill your future, then how to save yourself.

Life is a battle ground. It’s war out there. For those of you who think that graduation and or P.O.P. is the end of the struggle, sorry to disappoint you. It is only the start of it, and even getting a job will not solve your problems. The end of a battle is the beginning of another. The war is on. Either you are the captain of your own life or someone else will recruit you to fight their own battles.

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