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Press Release: SENATOR ABE, APC SET TO MEET PDP AT TRIBUNAL …Urges Ogoni People to reject Obuah’s Goodwill Message

The Media Committee of Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, Senator representing Rivers South East Senatorial District, has stated that the Rivers State Chapter of Peoples Democratic (PDP) has nothing to say on the victory of Senator Abe.

In a press statement issued in reaction to a statement by the PDP entitled, “PDP Heads to the Tribunal against Abe’s declaration as Senator”, the committee said election petition tribunals are part of democratic process in Nigeria and that there was nothing new about going to the tribunal.

The committee said Senator Abe and the APC were set to meet the PDP at the tribunal to defend the sacred mandate given to Senator Abe by the People of Rivers South East.

It said up till now that the PDP is unable to point out electoral irregularities committed by APC in Rivers South East rather they make sweeping statements of how security personnel helped APC to win.

The committee said Senator Abe and the APC have evidence of efforts by PDP to rig the election even though APC won.

The committee advised the PDP and Gov. Nyesom Wike to look for where to spend Rivers people’s money and not to waste it at the tribunal as the victory of Senator Abe was truly won at the ballot box.

It stated that because PDP knew that APC truly won, they have been talking about concocting results without bringing their facts bare, which is an attempt to justify their loss, should APC win at the tribunal.

The committee urged the people of Rivers South East to exercise calm in the face of provocative comments Mr. Felix Obuah, the Chairman of PDP had been making, calling their dearly elected Senator names.

It enjoined them to ignore Mr. Obuah as a man of no consequence who had reduced Omoku town and the entire Ogbaland to a ghost place.

It added that Obuah had learnt something new about Ogoni as a people who know their interest and could protect it at all times, pointing out that despite insinuations to use Ogoni against Ogoni, Obuah and Wike were disappointed.

The statement urged Ogoni people to reject the goodwill message from Felix Obuah as he has no good will for the people of Ogoni.



Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

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