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Senator-elect for Rivers South East Senatorial District, Magnus Ngei Abe, has said that he cannot afford to fail the people of Rivers South East Senatorial District.

Speaking at a church service held at St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, Bera in Gokana Local Government Area, Abe said he was determined more than ever to tackle the problems of the district headlong.

“Rather than for me to fail, it would have been better I didn’t even win. I cannot afford to fail”, he said.

He urged the people to continuously pray for God’s guidance and direction.

“I want to plead with everybody to pray for me. Don’t stop because we have won election. It is now that I actually need your prayers. We need to pray for people who are not selfish that will help us. We need to pray for people who have grace to advise us properly. We need to pray for strength and health so that we can meet up with the expectation of people physically. We need to pray for opportunities so that we do not disappoint the people who have invested so much hope and trust in us”.

Abe assured the people of the district that he would step up actions to achieve his campaign promises.

He pointed out that what is needed on his own part was hard work and clear-cut plans to achieve the promises.

“One gift the lord has given me is that I understand the value of hard work and I know that if you want to succeed in anything, you must work harder and I am going to work harder now”.

The former Secretary to Rivers State Government appealed for support, words of encouragement and unity in realizing the promises.

Abe said he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from thousands of his people who were streaming in from their different villages to rally round and congratulate him.

“I am very grateful to everybody. The kind of outpouring of love and happiness that I saw yesterday, honestly, since I woke up this morning I have been very worried because I said to myself that this thousands of people across the state that are jubilating and are so happy, they are happy because they hope one way or the other this victory will make a difference.



Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

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