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Which way Nigeria during elections

Truth must be told without fear or favour that what INEC, the Police, the Army and the DSS are currently doing in rivers state may lay a foundation that may spring to an uprising of many crises in Nigeria like the Arab Spring.

This present administration of change is fast destroying the tenets and the lifespan of our hard warned democracy in Rivers State.

You must not have your ways at all times in all places, some you win and some you let go for the interest of the overall peace of your people to save lives and properties.

But the desperation of the messengers from the grave and the harbingers of the Caliphate with acclaimed federal might want to take all at all human cost against the far majority will of the people’s franchise.

Nigerians are silent today, slumbering in the grave of lies while Amina Bala Zakari and her cohorts are busy breeding the monster that will destroy completely the remaining Pillars holding a united Nigeria.

Remember INEC and Federal Might, that Rivers State is not Edo State, Rivers State is not Ondo State. Rivers people are people of a goodwill that will always resist any act of imposition or conquest from the Caliphate and their stooges.

It’s very shameful that youths and political thugs no longer snatch ballot boxes during elections in rivers state but security agencies snatching ballot boxes and shooting sporadically at all human cost in a broad daylight to fulfil the whims and caprices of their pay masters.

Which Way Nigeria?

Where do we go from here?

What future will our children grow to see?

Are we truly in Democracy?


Or a Tyrannical Government of blood?

But why can’t our present leaders learn from GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan who conceded defeat for the overall interest of peace and unity for one Nigeria at the peak of his political ambition?

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