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The difference between the rich and the poor

There is a popular story about a rich man traveling to a far country and gave his servants money according to their ability. He gave one servant 5 talents and another 2 talents and 1 talent. The one he gave 5, multiplied it to 10 and the one he gave 2 multiplied it to 4. An important lesson here is that the rich multiplies his wealth. But, the servant he gave 1 talent hid the money in the ground. Where he hid the money, nobody can make use of that money. He locked the potential of that money. Even the bank cannot do business with the money to make more profit. This is a poor man. He locks his potentials without making use of them. The aim of this article is to highlight the major difference between the rich and the poor and encourage you to do and learn from the rich.

Poverty is not absence, lack or plenty of money, but absence, lack or plenty of ability.

The rich and the poor have ability. The only difference is that the rich multiplies his ability while the poor never multiplies any ability. A rich man can multiply a dollar in thirty years to become a billionaire. This is because of the rich man can double a dollar every year, in thirty years he will have a billion dollar.

1 dollar to 2 dollars to 4 dollars to 8 dollars to … to  2 n-1, where n = number of years.

2 31-1 = 2 30   = 1,073,741,824 dollars

With just a dollar, a rich man has become a billionaire. But with a poor man, he never multiplies any dollar. He sees it as small and waits forever without getting anything. Even when he gets a big sum, because he has not learnt the art of management of little things, he wastes the resources like the prodigal son in the bible. The prodigal son in the bible is a poor man. You see, poverty is not a lack of money because every one has something to multiply, but lack of ability to multiply something.

The Rich never waste resources while the poor is wasteful.

The rich always maximizes every thing. They do not waste resources but can give to the poor. Giving out resources is not the same as waste. It’s not the same with the poor. The poor waste resources. So, if you are wasteful, stop it.

The rich have good management principle and acquire knowledge, while the poor has no principle and never learn any thing as management.

The rich are good students who learn and improve their methods and principles. They always learn but the poor know it all. They are difficult to teach. They never learn.

So, multiply, manage and seek for more knowledge. This the rich do every time.

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