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If everybody in Nigeria joins Popular MMM Programme, will it crash?

There are more than 150 million Nigerians according to last census. Currently, participants in MMM programme world-wide is about 200 million. So, to answer the question ‘If everybody in Nigeria joins Popular MMM Programme, will it crash?’. NO, it will not crash, but on one condition. The condition is that they will continually donate their spare money and leave the rest to MMM algorithm to handle and balance every other thing. The purpose of this article is to explain that MMM program can be sustainable and will not crash even if everybody in Nigeria joins.

If everybody in Nigeria joins MMM, MMM will have about 150 million participants who can donate and receive donation.


If everybody donates one (1) naira for instance, there will be 150 million naira donation waiting in the dispatcher. There will also be from the same community those that will be donated to. It could also be that 150 million Nigerian participants also requested for help at the same time. I am analysing an extreme case scenario here to prove the sustainability of MMM programme as against the back drop of fear that the system is a Ponzi scheme that can crash. No matter the amount requested by the 150 million Nigerian MMM participants, even if it passes the amount willingly pledged by participants, the programme will adjust the amount for Help, freeze, pause and encourage the participants to provide more help. You see, power of sustaining the community depends on the people participating and the intelligent programme analysing.

Is it giving and receiving help participants will be doing to sustain the programme when there is no tangible productivity in the MMM community to generate more money?


The participants are the productive engine of MMM community. They work, produce goods and services and are productive in their field of life. Even the wife at home that belongs to the kitchen and bedroom and is unemployed is productive in the kitchen and bedroom. Once she gets more money, her productivity at home increases and she can provide more services because she has more money from participating in MMM.
MMM programme is the same when you dash your family, relative and friends money for free and you are financially rewarded for doing so

If you think MMM programme is an investment or business, you are wrongs.

MMM is not a business or investment where you get return on investment or profit for business. This is why if MMM crashes today, there will be weeping and crying. Why? Because 90% of participants in my own opinion is investing and doing business in MMM.

Government of Nigeria should come up with a policy, guideline and statement that DONATE ONLY IN MMM.

Instead of the Government of Nigeria creating fear and panic for participants, by warning them to stay away from MMM, they should tell them that they should not do business or invest in MMM, but rather give out money they can give out free of charge to fellow Nigerians to cut down poverty rate and reduce unemployment.

If you have not taken time to look at the meaning of the word DONATION, look at it in your dictionary.

Can every Nigerian Donate in MMM to help each other come out of hard times?
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Is Donation Bad?
No! No!! No!!!

Is MMM donation?
Yes!, Yes!! Yes!!!

Have You Joined?
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What is your fear with MMM?
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Together, Let’s Feel your impart in the world.

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