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5 Amazing ways of detoxifying

To detox is to rid the body of toxins. Toxins are substances that are poisonous to our body and can cause harmful effects. So it is necessary to always detoxify our body.
They are many ways to do this, I know of a tea that helps detox but it is quite expensive. Seeing how we are in a recession, here are inexpensive ways to detox;

1. Avoid fast food and other processed foods.


You should take only organic vegetables and fruits You should do this is because fruits and vegetables have a lot of fibers and these fibers serve as natural brooms of the body, they sweep away all toxins.

2. Exercise.


You should exercise daily because exercises helps you sweats and sweats expels toxins through your skin.

3. Breath well.

Learn to deep breath: when your oxygen level is increased by breathing , your lymphatic system gets super charged and this leads to detoxification.

4. Drink lots of fresh juice and eat lemon, garlic, broccoli sprouts, ginger, mung beans and turmeric.


All these are excellent aids of detoxification.

5. Drink lots of water too. Always stay hydrated. Water cleanses your body. And washes away all toxins.

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  1. When you detoxify, it is totally involving yourself with healthy living. Drinking healthy juices and eating healthy foods are great way to detoxify. Through this it will slowly make your body healthy inside and out.


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