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Understanding Popular MMM Programme from First Principle: It will never crash if…

Popular MMM programme has been referred by media and government agencies as Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme, Wonder Bank and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Research has shown that Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are not sustainable and therefore crashes eventually. Is popular MMM programme really Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme, robbing Peter to pay Paul and Wonder Bank? Do you have your facts and figures about MMM and why its Ponzi Scheme and the likes and will eventually crash? Can you predict if this programme that is helping more than 200 million participants all over the world will eventually crash and why? Do you know the principle, ideologies, risks, rules and regulation guiding MMM Scheme? Do you have proven, researched data and information to prove your point that MMM programme will crash eventually? This article does not seek to convince people to join the programme, it’s not sponsored by any government or private institution, it’s a personal research work to prove that MMM programme can crash or be sustained. It seeks to prove from first principle, popular MMM business model, why it will crash or will never crash.

Popular MMM most important activity that will make it to crash or never crash

Provide Help and Get Help is the most important activity in MMM community. It is not bring new people to join as compared to Ponzi Scheme and the likes.  Without this activity, MMM does not exist. Participant must forever Provide Help and Get Help for the community to exit and not crash. The day participants stop to do this; MMM will crash. It does not matter if you are an old or new member, every participant does this. This single activity distinguishes popular MMM from being a Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme or robbing Peter to pay Paul. Rather MMM is Peter paying Paul, Paul paying Peter.


This is cycle of life in MMM community. This is the same with other social media sites like Facebook, twitter, google and LinkedIn. The day bloggers/members of this great social media platforms decide that Facebook, Twitter or Google is no longer useful to them and decides to stop using them, they will close down and crash eventually.

Many schools of thought have argued that where do the interest for providing help come from? They argue that with time, this interest will be compounded and the system will crash

It comes from the participants. Participants pays each other for providing help to each other. Peter pays Paul, Paul pays Peter the reward on donation. Participants get extra money to do their businesses and enjoy their lifestyle. This they continue to do get more money that will be used in donating to others. This interest will never be compounded but will be multiplied to boost the platform.

What if the participants are not willing to Provide as much Help that Participants wants to Get as Help? Will this crash the system?


How much a participant can provide as help cannot be predicted. It is the sole right of the participants to provide how much he/she has as spare money. MMM clearly states that participants should participate with spare money only.  There are rules and regulation guiding this. If this rule and regulations as stated on its official website are followed, this challenge will not arise in the first place and MMM will not crash. However, the MMM programme has made provision to adjust and makes sure that this is taken care of. It can pause  and wait for participants to provide help that will meet its demand to get help and restart again. It can seek help from participants from other countries. However, this will not arise if the rules and regulation are obeyed. Avail yourself to read terms and conditions of participating on MMM official website.

From First Principle, how does Provide Help and Get Help start.

This information am sharing here is very important as some people argue that MMM programme has made people lazy. Some people call participants of MMM greedy people. This is not true. This first principle still applies till current stage of more than 200 million MMM participants.

From first principle, I mean who first provided help to who and who first receive help provided from who? Have you thought of this before. Let me help you to reason. Imagine, MMM is just starting now. From the principle guiding MMM participation, which says that you must Provide Help first before you Get Help. This is solid, full proven principle. The founding fathers, mentors, guilders and first participants first Provided Help first. To Who did they Provide the Help to? They Provided Help to MMM. Or who do you think they provided help to? Tell me in the comment section if you know otherwise.  After 30-days as started in the terms and conditions, they were rewarded for Providing Help to MMM or whoever got the first help you know. What did first person that got this donation use these money provided first to do? They used it to increase value of the money. They succeeded with this first donations.  They multiplied it by being smart and productive. MMM will not have money and keep it in the bank for bank to use and do their own business. This is against the ideology of MMM. They multiplied these money and pay back to those who first provided help to when they needed help. Some people thought that MMM will put the money in the bank and pay them back plus interest after 30-days and continue to collect money from people until there is no more anybody to collect money from and then the system will crash This is Ponzi Scheme, pyramid structure. MMM is not a Ponzi or pyramid Scheme. MMM has thought participants Time Value of Money. It has thought participants that your money can work for you instead of leaving it to work for another person if you want to be financially free. Every venture is risky, its left for people to take financial risks with knowledge with their hard-earned money.


Till date, there is no participant who participates according to terms and conditions that have lost a cent on MMM community. You can research it and prove me otherwise using the comment section.

What MMM did with their donation from first participants is what MMM preaches to its Participants through its ideology to repeat the same process. Invest your income from MMM to your business, buy properties, take care of your expenses, marry and enjoy your life.

MMM is the biggest Financial Donation Platform.( Financial Exchange on Social Media) People will soon chat with friend and do all the social media stuff on MMM. Just wait and see.

What is Donation. Donation is something that is given to charity, especially a sum of money for free of charge. Participants are constantly being trained through the MMM Guilders School that this is donation. MMM participants are constantly being trained that this is donation too. They are donating to others without expecting reward in the real sense. If the reward comes, glory be to God. Why will it crash. If it crashes, its donation. I know before donating. I accepted this before donating says a participant. What is  my problem if it will crash or not. I do this everyday in my life. I give to my family, relations etc. If am rewarded for doing this on MMM, what is your problem with what am doing with my money says another participant.

If MMM will crash, Social Media in general will crash.

MMM runs on social media platform. People like testimonies. Indeed, to continue participating, you must Write Letter of Happiness.  They have paid me ooooo. They tell their friends and family. They join them to repeat the same process. This is the networking aspect of MMM. Which Multilevel Network Marketing company has paid more than MMM? Well, MMM is not Multilevel Network Marketing Company, but uses its principle. How will it crash even if everybody in the world uses MMM like Google, Facebook and continues using MMM platform according to its terms and condition? Tell me how if you know.

SHOUT MMM THREE TIMES using the comment section if you are a participant, share your views and testimonies and let me know what you think about MMM. Criticism are welcomed as well. Together, Let’s Feel You.

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