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Lessons from Tory Lanez

If you don’t know who Tory Lanez is, it’s important you Google him now in other to flow with this post.
Let’s move on. The first song from Tory I listened to was; Say it.
We all heard it around the same time Bryson Tiller’s Don’t was everywhere.
Say it is a beautiful song, so is Luv. Tory’s second song I listened to.
I really don’t know what genre of music Tory does, it feels like Hip hop but also feels like RnB and Luv almost feels like Reggae.
To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what genre the songs are, what matters are the messages I seemed to pick out.

It’s crazy how these two songs can completely change your orientation if you let it.
It’s just a song some might say, let’s just dance to it others would say. But to me, it’s more that a song. I learnt a couple of things from them.

Say it is basically thought me; that it’s not just Okay for you to say what you want to do, you have to prove it too. (That was the chorus)

And I totally agree, this doesn’t have to only apply to your relationships. It could be work, education or anything.
You have got to stop saying things you want to do or won’t do and start going the extra mile.  Put all care asides and do what you wanna.

Let your actions do the talking.

Second song, Luv. Is another sexy song and it’s dripping with lessons.
Most times, we are all so scared to fall in love because of fear of getting hurt and some other pretty good reasons. But Falling in Love ain’t a crime. So what if you get hurt? You could fall down and skin your knee, that hurts too. So no matter the ache, you’ll move on.

You have to love someone and let that person love you.

That feeling is beautiful and you have to experience it as flawed as it could seem. If you keep waiting for a perfect person to shower your affections on, you might die disappointed.

So let luv in. Let him love, let him touch you for long time baby…
Lessons from Tory Lanez

I am, @Lord__Nina

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