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6 places to never go with your boyfriend

I got the idea for this post when a friend came to visit and wouldn’t stop complaining about how horrible her day went. Apparently she followed her boyfriend to the barber’s shop for him to get a trim, she thought would last two minutes and spent the whole day there.
So I’ve compiled six (6) places you should never go with Babe.

1. Barber’s shop of course.

I used to cut my hair every month, so I know first-hand what goes on in a barber’s shop. No guy ever walks into his barber’s shop and steps out within 5 minutes — except he has somewhere urgent to be. Guys go to get their hair trimmed or cut and talk all day, they talk football, politics and whatnot. The barbershop is their own gossip spot. So unless you’re ready to sit and watch your man argue with total strangers, sit at home.

2. Strip club.

Most guys would tell you they think it’s cool that their girlfriend would go to a strip club with them. Well, most guys are liars. I feel going to a strip club with your man is unnecessary. Most of us don’t even like the idea of our men going to these clubs, going with him would only encourage him to visit regularly, you would give him the impression that you feel it’s okay for him to go and look at hot naked women all night. So if you have a problem with a strip clubs, don’t go there with your man, maybe with your friends but not with him, depending on the kind of relationship though. If it’s a FWB kinda relationship, then knock yourself out.

3.Soccer practice: or basketball, tennis whatever he’s into.

Especially if you have zero love for that sports. If you go with him, he would expect you to watch him at every turn. And if you have no idea what the game is about and find it tedious, you’ll only end up frustrating yourself and disappointing him, because trust me, you would not pay attention to him or the game but you’ll spend the whole time snap-chatting. Avoid the argument and cheer him when he gets home instead.

4. Bar with his boys, and you’re the only girl.

I broke up with a guy once because he took me to this bar with his friends. It was the most embarrassing day of my entire existence. The guys made so many lewd comments because they got drunk and I just didn’t know how to converse with them. I sat there the whole time wondering what I had gotten myself into. I guess it didn’t help that I was just meeting them for the first time. So Whether first meeting or not, it gets a tad bit uncomfortable when you’re hanging out in a bar filled with guys and you’re the only female.

5. Pentecostal church, or any other church that preaches against immortality.

I often wonder how unmarried lovers will walk into church when a pastor is yelling damnation for those who commit fornication and are able to keep straight faces even though they know they’ll ‘get it on’ when they get home. Have you no shame? So for the sake of decency, If you are sinning with your baby boo, for Christ’s Sake don’t go to Church with him. Until you’re both screwing your brains out legally.

6. His main chicks house.

If your boyfriend is married, or you know he has a main chick, who he lives with, please, never follow him to that house. Both of you would be pretty stupid if you ever even considered it. Keep your pride intact and let him meet you at your house or a hotel. Because two things are bound to happen someday, you might see their picture and realize how foolish and ‘scruple-less’ you really are or the main chick or wife walks in on the two of you frolicking on the couch and pours acid on you. Save your skin and stay away.

Did I forget anything? Remind me.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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