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7 Reasons why you should register now with Meridians Life Support foundation


Meridians Life Support Foundation (Melisfon Inc) is here to empower and touch lives with a great opportunity that will transform and take you from where you are to where you ought to be. An organisation whose existence is aimed at empowering lives of men, women, youths and children for their desired dreams to be met or achieved. This organisation is here to put gold into your hands and make you financially stable in this period of economic recession in the country. They offer a lot of benefits and incentives like android phone, Hp laptop, Iphones, Ipads, fridges, microwaves, cars, SUV jeeps, a week trip to Dubai, and lots more. Your only access to enjoy these benefits after making a one time registration to obtain your own password as a registered member of this great organisation is to register now. This organisation is aimed at rendering four powerful services to only registered member who have obtained their password. The four (4) services includes free medical services, free skill acquisition services of any kind, free human resource management services, and free leadership management services.

Once you register, we officially welcome you into the Meridians family and to our special mega “PITAKWA TIMES VISION DRIVERS TEAM” where we work with enough enthusiasm and operate with a special principle of “ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE“.This opportunity is operated in team. Lets join our hands together and cross our fingers together to move our destiny forward to a greater level. We assure you that Mega Pitakwa Times Vision Drivers Team will help and coach you to greatness immediately you become part of this great organisation. We want you to join the Vision Drivers to attain your desired dreams and visions in life within a twinkle of eyes. Give us your hands, lets lift it up as Pitakwa Times Team through “MELISFON”.



Everybody! No one is exempted from this opportunity Melisfon is offering to empower lives. The opportunity is meant for everybody, both the privileged and less privileged, young or old, businessmen and women, students, etc. Everyone needs it because everyone is meant to be empowered and “MELISFON” is here to put gold in everyone’s hand.

Melisfon does not stop you from doing your normal job. It just your secondary source of income. You only spend just 5 mins of your time daily and get paid.


The following are reasons why you need to join “MELISFON”

  1. MELISFON PAY YOU DAILY: You can’t believe this. Melisfon is an international organization that pays you daily on every minute of your effort. You devote yourself to work for just 5 minutes a day and get paid in dollars each day. It’s not magic. They just want your hands stretched to receive the gold.
  2. MELISFON PLACE YOU ON LIFETIME PAYMENT MAKING YOU LEAVE LEGACY BEHIND: As a partner of Melisfon you are entitled to enjoy a lifetime payment, even when you are old and gone. Your next of kin takes over the benefits. As long as the company exist, your generation will keep on enjoying the opportunity. Just like Awolowo with Coca Cola, his generation are still enjoying the legacy he left behind.
  3. SERVICES ARE RENDERED: Melisfon offers great services to its members alone. When you become a member, you become entitled to the benefits which has been listed above.
  4. YOU GET LOTS OF INCENTIVES: Melisfon give out a lot of incentives to its members. Some of the incentives include Brand new android phone, ipads, laptops, iphones, fridges, microwaves, new Hyundai Elantra car, a brand new SUV,etc.
  5. FREE INTERNATIONAL TRIP TO DUBAI: As Melisfon member, you are entitled to take a week trip to Dubai. All the expenses is taking care of by Melisfon Inc.
  6. FREE MEDICAL SERVICES: Melisfon offers free medical services to its members.
  7. FREE SKILL TRAINING: Melisfon sponsor you as a member on any kind of skill you wish to acquire.

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You can see that this is interesting. Join us today and enjoy all these benefits. Delay they say is dangerous. While not strike the iron while it’s still hot. Make hay while the sun shine. Join our great team of “PITAKWA TIMES VISION DRIVERS”to enjoy all these benefits in less than 3 months.

For more information about MELISFON, registration, how to register with us, call or Whatsapp me on +2348135705473. See you at the top!

Professionally written by our staff writer, Stanley Ikio, author of 18 Steps on how to start and run a successful business and 32 Reasons why people fail in life.

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