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What ‘appalling Grammar’ taught me

I wrote a post that people surprisingly seemed to like.  I got  a lot of views and positive comments, but one lady commented that “My grammar was appalling” I became hysterical instantly, I went back to the post and re-read it, at first I couldn’t find any error and that even made me feel worse, I felt so disappointed in myself. How could I have written something so terrible and how come I couldn’t even discover my mistakes?.
And when I finally saw it, I was so devastated that a graduate of communication could make so many grammatical blunders.

My friends could do nothing to calm me down, I beat myself up day and night about that post and that one negative comment. Few days later, I wrote a post about putting ones self first and it spoke to me.

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I’ve come to realise a fact. You can never ever please everybody, you’re not even meant to. There will always be people who will choose to see the good in you and those who will choose not to. It’s totally their choice and it’s none of your business. All you should care about is doing your very best and feeling fulfilled. It’s absolutely possible that other people noticed that my grammar was “appalling”, but then they decided to overlook it and focus on the message the post was trying to send across, which if I might add, was pretty clear.

Choosing to beat myself up about the one person who decided to focus on my grammar made me forget that other people actually liked that post. I started feeling bad and only focused on the flaw.
The funny thing is that I can bet the lady who wrote that comment didn’t expect me to react this way. She might have just made an innocent observation and went her way.

This little drama is relatable to everyday life.

Most of us always tend to overlook the positive and focus on the negative. But the truth is that no matter how bad a situation is, if you look hard enough, you’ll see something good came out of it.
Now I read and re-read all my posts like 50 times. Of course I could still make a couple of mistakes because I’m human.

The message I’m trying to pass across today is that, you’re not meant to please everybody, so don’t beat yourself up when you don’t. Do your very best and go your way. What really matters is that you’re satisfied with what you did.

Don’t let one negative comment destroy how good you made yourself or others feel.

Also, thank you for correcting me. I have learnt great lesson from it.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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