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10 signs your relationship is dead

Five signs that your relationship is dead and gone and just waiting for you to bury it.
1. You are relieved when he calls to cancel a date, you never even wanted to go anyways so ‘yipee’. You would rather sleep all day than be coupled up with that guy.

2. You hardly go out anymore and even when you do, you two make plans to go to where you’d hardly say anything to each other. Even on the drive to the date you barely say 10 words to each other.

3. You both seem so occupied, especially when you’re together. You’re constantly on the phone or he’s on the laptop or suddenly that 90s movie you didn’t use to care about becomes so interesting and you wish to not be disturbed.

4. Nobody bothers with the pet names anymore. It used to be ‘hey babe’. Now it’s straight to the point. He’s probably even calling your surname too.

5. He no longer texts or calls every morning like he used to and if you don’t call first, he could stay for days without checking up on you.

6. You both don’t go on fancy restaurant dates anymore and even when you do he complains about how expensive everything is and might even ask you to pay.

7. He doesn’t make any effort to argue anymore even when you’re not making sense. He might even just walk out and not call or come back for days.

8. He doesn’t bother to pick you up anymore, he’d rather you came on your own than stress him by coming to your apartment to wait for you. He has stopped pretending to be nice.

9. When you see his missed call you’re not eager to find out what he wants. You’re even angry that he’s still calling you and disturbing your life.

10. You’re disgusted whenever you see him and just get angry over the littlest issues. You want to pick a fight so you can have a reason not to speak to him.

If you peer, you’ll see the Do Not Resuscitate sign hanging on your relationship’s window. It’s best to pull the plug right away and breathe easily.

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