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People who cry during movies are the strongest

I don’t cry at the drop of a hat and I’d hardly shed a tear if someone hurt or upset me. But I would turn on extreme water works for a movie, music or even a book, it doesn’t matter where I am, I would sob like I just lost a loved one.

I have reacted and wept in front of family, friends, significant others, insignificant others and total strangers. I remember reading Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews on a bus and bursting into tears alarming everyone around me. I am not ashamed of how weak my tear ducts can be when reading or watching strong and emotive material as it takes someone special to be able to put themselves in another person’s shoes and feel their pain. It tells a lot about a person and shows a high level of emotional strength. Strength to withstand, understand and feel what others are feeling. How isn’t that a blessed gift?

I cried when Dumbledore died in Harry Potter and when I discovered Snape was a good guy after all, I cried when Mufasa died in the Lion King, I cried for Jacks sacrifice and the wasted lives on the Titanic, I sobbed watching Denzel struggle to save his son’s life in John Q and I broke down at the end of Furious 7 because – Paul Walker. If I start making a list of all the movies and books I’ve cried for, I might as well dedicate it entirely to another post.

Empathy is a special ability to understand and share the feelings of others that not many people have. So if you find that you are an empathic person, be proud of yourself.

What irritates me most are the people who say “why are you crying? It’s just a movie” well duh! We know that. You’re not weak and emotional because you’re crying over someone else’s troubles even if they are fictional. You have a strong heart that can feel for others and bounce back after the movie is over because you KNOW the difference between fiction and reality.

Sometimes I cry because I have been or I am exactly where the character is and watching them deal with various relatable challenges releases bottled up emotions and lets the pain of memories past rush up and overwhelm me. I always feel better after having a good cry because crying is purgative and relieves stress. It’s like my heart breaks and re-mends itself within minutes, sometimes seconds.

Crying has been put down to being a wimpy way of expressing ones emotions but if you don’t cry you become tense and have increased stress levels which is bad for your health. French novelist Victor Hugo once said “those who do not weep do not see” Life is unfair to people and being able to put yourself in their shoes and genuinely feel their pain shows great strength that should be admired.

Empathic people make great leaders and become very successful because they have emotional intelligence and balance. If you cry at movies, books, music or even podcasts, you are most likely, sociable, open-minded, caring, compassionate, loving and selfless. In a world where emotional and sensitive people are looked down on, it takes a whole lot of courage to allow yourself feel and experience pain that most times isn’t even connected to you, so bask in your beauty and cry like never before at the next emotive movie you watch.

Here, have a tissue box.

Ms Ssygala, is the mother of two rambunctious kids and blogging is her last line to sanity

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