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Proudly Ijaw

My Papa na soldier man, yes retired Senior officer of the Nig Army (Major). An Armorer, a marksman, a weapon instructor in the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) for several years and has trained and groomed so many Generals in the Nigeria Army some still in service. Did he end there? No, he was one time firearms tribunal chairman of Abia state, Recruitment Commander Abia State, SO2 Recruitment Lagos State, NYSC Camp Commandant Abia State. OC Admin Coy 174BN Badagry Lagos.

He catch me say I too stubborn go put me for Army, say you de act like man abi?

Go Army, when them cook you done, you go sabi who born you Lol! That’s how my journey to the Nigeria Army began. And I became the first female soldier in the history of Amassoma. Check the archives. Historical facts don’t lie nor die. I was posted to the prestigious military police Corp and i became a watchdog that can arrest and handcuff a general when the chips are down. Yes. It happened.

Some saw the strength in me even as little as I was, I became an eye for officers, my friends were the colonels. I decided to empower myself with knowledge so I can compete and contest with Generals even if I was a junior officer. I proceeded to the Abia State University and became an Ikengress.

On graduation bagged my (B.sc) in sociology. I returned back to my unit, 1 Division Provost Group, Kawo Kaduna. They didn’t like my guts anymore. The Army likes only command and obey, but the Egbesu teme caught up with me. I became too resistant. I was pushed to Zuru to join the Armour Battalion to Liberia. I became the only female soldier in NIBAT5 HQ Saint Paul’s Bridget Moronvia. It was the season of disarmament of the Liberia rebels. We were tested to know the weapon strength of the battalion on rotation, we came under severe fire attack. Duala market was littered with corpses.

I conquered death, I conquered the bullets. I am battle tested. I fear no death for the protection of my fatherland. I served Nigeria as a country diligently. Please free my people from this mental slavery. It is not too much to ask from a woman who has meritoriously served her country and bagged a United Nations Mission Medal Award for Peace Keeping in Liberia, to do less for her own people.

Dear PMB, on this dialogue table ongoing with my leaders, please note that if the leaders are gagged there will be resistance. Negotiate for the right cause. I served more of my years in the North. Friends are more from the north, If this crude oil where to be buried in the North. I tell you, your people would have protected it zealously. But the Ijaw man is too liberal.‎

We are not asking for what is not possible. All we are saying is, restructure this country, we need “TRUE FISCAL FEDERALISM”. That is the one and only demand from a region so marginalized & raped of her God’s giving natural resources. ‎

Mr. President Sir, let there be total restructuring of Nigeria where “True Federalism entails. By that way we can now decide as a region what to do with our Oil blocks, ensure that those who come to do business respects the laws of the land and adhere strictly to the environmental policy and best practices. Build industries with Headquarters located in the region and all the Maritime Universities and infrastructures we may want structured by us.

T‎axes will be paid to the government of the central. We only need 100% total control of our God’s given natural resources buried in our region. And live in peace with all to develop our region. Pls go back to the drawing board and use the Niger Delta master plan for the good of this country. Never treat us like second class citizens. There will be resistance and the end result may not be pleasant to all well-meaning people of this great country. Set up a strategic working committee of great minds and do the right thing at the right time.

We are not at war with this country, we are not at war with the government, we also not at war with the military or ourselves. We are also not asking for what is not feasible. It is very possible. ‎

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

God Bless the Ijaw Nation I speak for. ‎

God Bless the Niger Delta Region.‎

I remain a humble servant.

Comrade. Rosemary Graham Naingba.

President (IWC) Worldwide

This post is shared by Rosemary Graham Naingba

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