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18 Steps on how to start and run a successful business

Many people fail in business because they don’t know how to run a successful business. Some start and don’t know how to really go about it, while others don’t know how to even get started. This article if carefully observed and practiced will help you run a long-lasting and successful business.

Everyone has a business ability but not everyone has what it takes to start and run a successful business. Staring is always the number one factor in beginning any business. Many are afraid to start-up a business because of the fear of failing. Some hope to just get to the optimal peak. Bear in mind that no business starts at the optimal peak, rather it starts small and scale through the peak (success)

Lets consider 18 powerful steps on how to start and run a successful business; they include

1. Set up a business plan

Every great and successful business starts with planning. No lasting business is set-up without a sequential plan. Every great business is built on a foundation of sequential plans and thoughts. You can’t just wake up one morning, establish a business and expect success in it without plans. If you must build a successful business, you must learn to make out time to plan. A wise man says that ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. That is a true fact. No two ways about it.

2. Brainstorm on that business plan

After planning, you brainstorm on it. Think properly and meditate on all the business plans you came up with and take time to ask yourself some necessary questions like ‘Will these plans really work effectively?, How will I put these plans into work?, What strategies am to apply to work these plans into reality? How can I use these plans to grow this business in less than a year from now? What amount of money is required to achieve my goals in this business? Meditate on these questions and some other questions that may be running through your mind. Thereafter, put them to work.

3. Discover the purpose of the business

Great businesses are built on the foundation of purpose. Purpose is what gives every business a guiding direction to accomplishment. Every great business has a doable purpose to aid its accomplishment. Any business without purpose will definitely collapse. Purpose helps you achieve your targets in the business. When purpose is limited in any business, failure becomes a result.

4. Discover the business in line with your purpose

The ability to discover and finally  finance the business in the right place will go a long way to enhance your success in the business. The kind of business that should be invested should be one in line with your purpose. Your purpose should also be a solution to people’s problems.

5. Make an estimate to know the cost or finance needed

Every business is set-up with a specific amount of capital. After discovering the choice of business, you make an estimate of the capital needed to finance it. And then look out for the capital if not at hand.

6. Survey to know the appropriate environment suitable for the choice of business

Every successful business must be in an appropriate environment suitable for it. You don’t start a business of cloth selling in an environment where shoes are mostly needed. Checkout for the environment where that business of your choice is highly needed by the people. Set-up the business in an environment where it will serve a lot of solution to the people’s immediate needs.

7. Establish the business in that environment where people’s wants are needed to be satisfied

Every great business is always built on an environment where it can satisfy people’s immediate needs. The environment you establish your business will determine your success in that business. The place you set-up your business will go a long way to either increase you in the business or decrease you.

8. Have an idea of the choice of business

Every great business is built on ideas. Ideas is the basic foundation in which every successful businesses are intensively built. A wise man says that ‘ideas is what rules the world’. For you to succeed in any business environment, you need great ideas. Business seminars are also needed to enhance your ideas in that choice of business. The more you advance in your ideas, the more the growth of the business.

9. Desire to serve the people and serve them with love and care

The growth of every business lies on the people. When running a business, have the mindset of serving people and serve them with love and care. Be loyal to those patronizing you because without them patronizing you, your business will be stagnant. Every business is done to satisfy the needs of a specific people. Show love to the customers. The way you treat them will tell if they will come back again or not. If possible know the names of some of your regular customers and also try as much as possible to have their contacts. Render to the customers the type of services they desire. When you serve positively, you grow positively, so serve to grow well.

10. Treat all customers equally

In the business environment, no customer is more important than the other. You are expected to treat every customer equally and give equal attention to every individual patronizing your business. Don’t see anyone as inferior, small or big, rich poor, relation or no relation, friend or no friend, everyone should be treated equally. In the business environment, the principle of first come, first serve should be well observed. Many entrepreneurs often make the mistake of those who patronizing them hugely by buying in bulk and paying huge amount for any service rendered to be more important.

11. Show love to your workers and pay them their salary when due

In business, employing workers increases productivity. Every entrepreneur aimed at paying its workers 10% of total income generated in that month. Their effort is what will determine your success in that business. Learn to also show them love and care. Research shows that a happy heart is a productive heart. When they are happy, they put in their best and become more productive. Try as much as possible to pay your customers their salary due. This will enhance them to be more productive. When you withhold the salary from them, you are equally withholding your success in the business. The way you treat your workers will equally determine the way they will as well treat customers coming in. If they are happy, they will also be as well happy to serve the customers with love. No one will be happy if after working faithfully for 30 days and your salary became withheld. That’s absurd and need to be combated.

12. Show a positive approach to both your customers and your workers

The way you approach your customers especially the new ones will determine if they will come back again or not. Approach, keep and maintain your customers. Approach your customers and workers in a warmed and proper manner. Your approach goes a long way to build a great and successful business. Try to understand and cope with customers and workers behaviour. Know what to say to them and say it at the right and appropriate time. Customers like a business environment where they are given a warmed approach. It makes them want to come back.

13. Be truthful and sincere to your customers

To be successful in every business, you need to be truthful and sincere. Tell your customers the real content of your product or services. If you are truthful and sincere, it will make them want to return back to your business environment. Don’t lie  to them or sell them fake product or services. It will make them run away from your business. So if you must be successful in your business, you must be truthful and sincere.

14. Be consistent and punctual, serving the people

For you to succeed in any business world, you need to be consistent and punctual with your services. Always be punctual to your work environment so as to render a maximum service satisfaction to your customers. When your are not consistent and punctual, your customers will go away.

15. Be simple, don’t be easily offended

A great and successful business builders are not easily offended. They are simple and easy-going. They smile even when their customers are saying something that should get them upset. They understand the principle. Some customers are so annoying, the ability to control yourself will help you build great and solid business. People differs. Be disciplined.This step if not observed will bring down your business.

16. Be cooperate in your dressing

Your appearance counts in the business. It shows the way you are approached. Like they often say that the way you dress is the way you are addressed. If you are well dressed, you will equally be well addressed. Always try to be conscious of your dressing.

17. Be Organised

It takes an organised heart to build an organisation. Serve the people with a touch of excellence. Make your product or services to be different from other similar products or services. Give your best of services. When you are organised, it will make them always want to come back in spite of the area or distance of the business.

18. Accurate Recording and documentation

Every great and successful businesses are recorded and documented. Recording and documenting helps you to know your loss and gain. They enable you to know the business status within a specific period of time. They give you a guiding direction of your business.

Professionally written by our staff writer, Stanley Ikio.

Views expressed are only those of the authors.

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