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16 points presented as panacea for peace in Niger Delta, a political trade of blood and crude in Nigeria

We do not sincerely need 16 points for peace to end true and genuine agitation for economic freedom to control our God given natural resources buried beneath our wetlands. We only need true federalism to end all of this political trade of blood and crude at the expense of our ecosystems and the marine aquaculture.

The God of the Angel armies who is the “Body of the Trinity”, the Creator of the mangrove and the creeks who blessed our wetlands with Crude Oil and Natural Gas

Will raise for us a Moses to set us free from this cruel claws of the Pharaohs and our slave masters that will lead us into our promised Canaan in True Fiscal Federalism.

We do not need share of Oil blocks

We do not need more or counterpart fundings for any project that will always sink in the private pockets of those who are Chieftains in negotiations from Government to Government as panacea for Peace while the youths are kept in the dark out of sight and sound.

We do not need Pipeline surveillance contracts because strangers can not be riding on royal horses in our own creeks and mangroves while the Landlords walk on bear foot begging for crumbs to deceive and oppress themselves.

We do not truly need more funding of the Amnesty nomenclature because they can’t be stealing so much from us and be paying some fragments of youths peanuts to silence the dreams of the Fathers for continues exploration and exploitation

Creating a desert without Peace

All we truly need as a people under a constitutional slavery are two focal points not 16.

 1, True Federalism as it was during the regional government to develop our states and region the way and manner we want

 2, Or we renegotiate our coexistence in this amalgamated marriage of pain and deceit in a mirage.

I see a day! when God will raise an army for Himself. An army that will ride on the wings of the whirlwinds in Niger Delta.

An army that will not bargain for surveillance contracts and share of Oil blocks from the Caliphate in exchange for the blood of their youths wondering in joblessness differing their dreams biding farewell to tomorrow,the old fishermen at the polluted fishing settlements,the helpless widows and the women toiling the poisonous rivers and the desecrated farmlands and the Children consumed by all forms of vices as prisoners of casualties on the tables of negotiations at the Three Arm Zone.

Just One Day When Tomorrow Comes

At Sunset in Niger Delta.

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